Trader Joe's Fans Can't Wait To Try Its New Spicy Truffle Pasta Sauce

Farfalle, fettuccine, fusili, oh my! No one can deny that pasta is one of the best foods to grace the planet. Easy-to-make, affordable, and downright delicious, this tasty carbohydrate is an approachable culinary challenge that almost everyone can take on. A box of pasta will usually only set you back a dollar or so, and even amateur home chefs can boil a pot of water and chuck some noodles into the mix. To top that off, eating pasta might have some health benefits, especially for a food that usually gets a bad rap in the healthy food department. According to WebMD, pasta keeps you full, is a great source of energy, and provides some of the necessary fiber you need in your diet.

There are so many things to love about this dish, but the best part has to be its versatility. There are an infinite varieties of pasta shapes and sauces, whether you want to tuck into a bowl of lasagna, slurp up a plate of spaghetti, or nosh on some good ol' Mac n' cheese. While occasionally it's fun to labor over a masterful homemade sauce for hours on end, sometimes you might be looking for a quick and easy night of cooking. When that's the case, Trader Joe's has you covered with its original pasta sauces, from the Roasted Garlic Marinara to an Organic Vodka Sauce. One of the latest additions to its pasta sauce line-up? Truffle Picante Spicy Pasta Sauce.

TJ's new pasta sauce is everything you could want in a single jar

According to Trader Joe's, its all-new spicy sauce consists of tangy tomatoes, spicy Calabrian chilis, and flavorful Italian black truffle. Is your mouth watering yet?

"Each bite starts with the intoxicating aroma of umami-rich truffles, which is followed by the tang in its tomato base, and finally ends on a moderate heat that steadily builds over time," the TJ official website reads. Not only does this sauce sound like food heaven, but it also might be the secret spicy ingredient to working up a sweat as the weather starts to drop. While this sauce can be added directly to a steaming bowl of spaghetti, Trader Joe's also recommends pairing it with eggplant parmesan or ratatouille.

One Trader Joe's fan took to Instagram to celebrate the debut of this magical new item. Alongside a picture of the jar, @traderjoeslist wrote, "Don't you just love when you go to @traderjoes and get home ... and realize you missed a new item? Well that just happened to me. I am so excited to try this!" Other fans took to the comments section to share their mutual excitement over not just the Truffle Picante Spicy Pasta Sauce, but TJ's other truffle-based products. "I want all the new items! Especially ones with truffle in them!" said one person and another exclaimed, "Omg, if this is like the Truff pasta sauce I will be in heaven."

If you are a lover of them too, make sure you also check out the Black Truffle Alfredo Pasta Sauce and the Mushroom & Truffle Flavored Pesto, along with other items for sale (via Trader Joe's). Though, you might want to steer clear of the Truffle Hot Sauce, since not everyone has been enthused about it.