Trader Joe's Fans Are Unimpressed By Its Returning Truffle Hot Sauce

When it comes to selecting the best hot sauce, you have your work cut out for you. According to Hot Sauce Fever, you can easily select from 550 commercial hot sauces out there and trying to find the most delicious condiment out of these hundreds can feel daunting. While diners might feel divided on which hot sauce tastes the best, many can come together and agree that Trader Joe's truffle hot sauce doesn't rank as one of the all-time best.

Instagrammer @traderjoeslist discovered that the grocery chain recently brought back their truffle hot sauce featuring black truffles. They posted a picture of the find alongside the caption, "IT'S BACK! TRUFFLE HOT SAUCE WITH BLACK TRUFFLES • $7.99 • I'm so excited this is back! With a hint of truffle, and tastes very similar to Truff! Will you be adding this to your seasonal #traderjoeslist?" While the Instagram user couldn't hold back their excitement, their followers felt differently. The sauce got very little love and many replied just to comment on how much they disliked the condiment.

Not a lot of love for Trader Joe's hot sauce

Fan's didn't hold back when it came time to share their thoughts on the returning Trader Joe's truffle hot sauce. One user wrote on Instagram, "Am I the only one who didn't like this?! It was WAY TOO MUCH truffle for me, and I love truffle...truffle ketchup is #1." While another chimed in with, "No ma'am. Took one taste last year and immediately asked a friend if they wanted it lol." Others pinpointed exactly what they didn't like about the sauce, saying, "[Not] my favorite. Oddly sweet," while other gems included, "This stuff tastes terrrrrible," and "Too sweet."

However, some did enjoy this product in the past. One reviewer liked its sweet smokiness and recommended it on eggs and potatoes, per Trader Julie's. This review exists outside of the norm. Around the same time, Reddit got a hold of the sauce and one user stated, "I bought a variety pack of that "TRUFF" sauce which was super expensive, but it came highly recommended to me, and I love hot sauces, so I took a chance. I poured a bit on one bite, and it's been in my fridge unused ever since. Soon to be in the trash." So, if you decide to pick up this fungi-filled hot sauce, take these comments to heart before tasting the condiment and adjust your expectations accordingly.