Twitter Can't Stop Talking About Kamala Harris' New Copper Pans

Vice President Kamala Harris has enjoyed cooking up a storm in the kitchen ever since her childhood days. According to Glamour, her family members were especially good in the kitchen, something that she observed and eventually picked up herself. She said, "As a child, I remember hearing the pots and smelling the food, and kind of like someone in a trance, I would walk into the kitchen to see all this incredible stuff happening." Harris' mother would often tell her that because she was such a fan of delicious food, it was important for her to learn to cook well. One of the first dishes she mastered? Scrambled eggs.

For Harris, cooking is about making others happy. She refers to it as "a gift that you can give people" and thinks of it as a therapeutic activity. Amid her busy schedule, she has stayed passionate about cooking and likes to unwind on the weekends by making a delicious meal. To make the cooking process extra special and more interesting, Harris apparently enjoys using some fancy cookware, which has recently caused mixed feelings among her constituents, per MarketWatch.

People have different opinions about Harris' expensive new cookware

According to MarketWatch, Kamala Harris recently decided to get herself some cookware while she was in Paris visiting a well-known culinary store called E.Dehillerin. The brand is perceived by many cooking enthusiasts to be iconic, and its origins can be traced back to 1820. When Harris was asked by journalists about her trip to the store, she simply said, "I just want to buy a pot," and apparently had the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday on the brain.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that the vice president spent 516 euros (around $580) on some expensive pans and cooking accessories, including a $300+ copper serving dish. The article and some of its interviewees suggested that Harris' purchase was insensitive amid the inflation and economic troubles occurring in her home country. However, others feel that her special new items are nothing to be upset about. One Twitter user wrote, "so jealous. I woulda done the same if I was in the home of phenomenal cooking. That dish will last forever." Another tweet prompted others to share about their pricey culinary purchases, to which someone responded, "$1500 on a 7 piece set of Paderno Copper cookware. Never regretted it, they will last my lifetime and my child's."