Alton Brown Is Throwing His Hat In The Ring To Be The Next Doctor Who

Over the years, a variety of actors and actresses have portrayed the namesake Time Lord on the hit show "Doctor Who." According to Screen Rant, thus far this character has never been played by an American actor, but that hasn't stopped Alton Brown from dreaming. Brown, whose Twitter bio reads, "Thyme Lord," has a soft spot for the British sci-fi television show. When asked what role he might like to play in a "Doctor Who" episode, he responded with, "I'm thinking I'd be an excellent 13," (via The Daily Meal). Back in 2012, Brown even expressed interest in playing the role of Doctor if producers ever approached him, via Mediaite.

Brown has once again taken to social media to share that he wants to play an incarnation of Doctor Who. A recent tweet by Brown read, "All I'm gonna say is, if they offered me the job, I'd take it. #DrWho." While this television personality might not immediately get a ton of acting offers for the role, fans have been supporting his dream.

Viewers want to see Brown as the next Doctor

Fans loved the sentiment and cheered on Alton Brown's dream. The tweet garnered replies that included "For at least 40 years, I have felt the same way. Now, reading thus, I feel you should take it" and "Could be a repairman called 'the chef.' When something is broken, you ignore the problem, make a stew or an omelet and it's fixed." Others had grander ideas, like, "It's better, if you take on the role of 'Dr. Why', cuz you always have answers to many tricky questions," and "I've always thought of you as more of a Dr. How." One person even wondered, "Would you do it with an accent or make the Dr. American?"

Brown's desire to become the next Doctor Who might seem a bit out of reach, but some fans clearly have an appetite for it. It might be easy to picture Brown gracing the screen as a bespectacled Doctor with a quirky sense of humor and a wide knowledge of cooking. Only time will tell. Until then, fans can at least toy with different scenarios that would be fun to watch Brown encounter as a Time Lord in an upcoming season of the television show.