The Doctor Who Reference You Never Noticed On Guy's Grocery Games

Guy Fieri's "Guy's Grocery Games," also known as GGG, has been on the air since 2013, per IMDb TV. The show, which pits chef against chef, takes place in a grocery store — also known as Flavortown Market — where the contestants do all their shopping and cooking. They are competing for a chance to win a whopping $20,000, and the show never fails to impress. The speed at which contestants are forced to participate is truly amazing and when no carts are allowed and contestants have to collect only what they can carry, it can be downright funny. But in Flavortown, time is everything.

We love season 4, episode 12, in which contestants could only make dishes that started with the letter M. And season 22, episode 8, when chefs play Thanksgiving Day games and are forced to play Guy's game of chance to determine a "special" ingredient they have to use when making their meal. It will make you long for your family and the holidays. It seems like there's always something going down in Flavortown.

But there's another episode that has us kibitzing around the water cooler and on Reddit boards. An eagle-eyed fan has revealed that one of the special coupons from GGG has a graphic that is a nod to the popular British sci-fi show "Doctor Who." It has us thinking that Fieri might be a fan of the time-traveling Doctor whose ride is a blue Tardis.

Doctor Who street names

If you are unfamiliar with "Doctor Who," it is the quintessential BBC show that made its debut in 1963, according to the blog ShannonSullivan, and ran through 1989 before getting a reboot in 2003. Per the Reddit thread, there are clues that have some viewers wondering if Fieri might just be a secret fan of the Time Lord and his travels, or at the very least, some producer has a witty sense of humor. Printed on a GGG coupon is a map where all the street names seem to have an association with "Doctor Who." Coincidence? Never in the world of The Doctor. The close-up photo the Redditor posted shows a graphic where the street names are Weepingangle Ave., Moffat Ln., Davidten Dr., Silence St., and Reddress Rd. 

The Weepingangle seems like a nod to the Weeping Angel statues (above), actually creatures who, as the BBC explains, steal "potential time energy" by sending victims back to their past. They can only move when you are not looking at them or you blink. Moffat could be a nod to the head writer and showrunner, Steven Moffat, who, per Screenrant, really breathed new life into the reboot of "Doctor Who." Davidten is clearly an homage to the actor who played the 10th (and some say, greatest) Doctor, David Tennant. And the Silence, says the BBC's Doctor Who website, are a creepy looking religious order who can make you forget your existence. The Reddress has us tripped up, with one Redditor suggesting "The Matrix" as the inspiration.