Instagram Is Loving How Ree Drummond Is Her Son's Biggest Fan

Ree Drummond is as big of a fan of her kids as many culinary TV show viewers are fans of hers. She is constantly posting about and raving over her children, including her foster son, Jamar. She's only recently been able to finally tell the world about his being a part of her family, and she evidently is happy to share all that she can, including telling her followers that he has accepted a position to play football at the University of Central Oklahoma, per The Pioneer Woman website

In August, Drummond posted a photo of another one of her sons, Bryce, as she proudly dropped him off at college and stocked his dorm with kitchen supplies. The proud mom even shared a before-and-after photo of Bryce after he settled into his new life at the University of North Texas (via Instagram). It's clear that Drummond truly loves her kids, so her latest social media post, while not surprising, is truly keeping fans' hearts warm.

The early bird gets the 50-yard line seats

According to The Pioneer Woman website, Drummond's foster son, Jamar, is playing football for UCO, while Bryce is playing at UNT. And while it is hard to make out exactly which son's game Drummond recently posted about on Instagram, her caption said, "I arrived at Friday night's away game 2 hours 47 minutes early...just so I'd have time to get settled!!" Fans can't get enough of the love and dedication this showed from the culinary queen and mother.

Some moms could relate, with one commenting, "We are the same person. Except that when you cook, it is edible," and another saying, "I know exactly how you feel. I did the same the when my boys played football. You have to get settled." Others just admired her commitment to supporting her sons' passions, noting, "They are lucky to have fan like you!" and "Best fan award goes to Ree!"