What Those Black Dots On The Bottom Of Your Subway Bread Could Be

Subway is no stranger to slight controversies about its menu items that may or may not be as they seem. Recently, Subway has stayed busy fighting off rumors that its tuna is not actually tuna. Another complaint from the last few years came for Subway's chicken, claiming that it only contains 53.6% real chicken DNA — and even less for chicken strips, reports Vice.

People have even gone after Subway for its bread, with a ruling from the Supreme Court of Ireland stating that it does not meet the legal standards for bread, as it "has a sugar content of 10% of the weight of the flour included in the dough, and thus exceeds the 2% specified in" Ireland's Value-Added Tax Act of 1972 (via EcoWatch). And that went on before some social media users began addressing the gross behavior of Subway employees taking place in some stores. Now that some people are noticing dark spots on the bottom of their Subway bread, it's causing a bit of concern.

Can you spot the problem with this Subway bread?

A Subway customer recently posted on Reddit asking users what the black dots on the bottom side of his sandwich could be, inquiring if they might be mold. They included a picture clearly showing a bun with small black spots in the center, and it has Reddit divided. Some questioned whether the spotty bread is only found in certain locations, while others speculated on what the spots might be.

One idea said, "It should be fine, they're literally just burnt bread crumbs stuck in it." Others backed this up, saying, "It could be from the toaster burn marks," and, "The bread liners are too old, and the rubber is sticking to them when you take them off the liners." As what is surely a relief to the original poster, most people seem to think that the spots are not signs of mold — but one did offer a quick suggestion in case they were still fearful: "Take it back to the store and ask them. At least they'll fix you a free sandwich without those black spots."