The Gross Thing This Subway Employee Did With Food In The Bathroom

Jumanne, a 28-year-old Subway employee from Providence, Rhode Island, believed he was running out of options. He admitted to being a "clout chaser" in an October 6 Facebook video, after posting other videos showing him trashing the Subway restaurant where he worked. He had a plan to stitch his own rap music video, which he had shot earlier at his Subway shop, to the end of one of the videos of him throwing food behind the restaurant's counter. "I'm about to do this video which I'm expecting it might get millions of views," he says on October 6. "So hopefully Meek will be able to see this," he added, referring to platinum-selling Philadelphia rapper Meek Mill.

Three days earlier, Jumanne had posted another video to Facebook showing him next to slices of deli meat meant for Subway sandwiches that were laid out on the seat of the restaurant's toilet. Subway confirmed to Newsweek that the independent franchise-owner of the Rhode Island restaurant had fired Jumanne. "Subway and our network of franchisees take health and food safety extremely seriously and don't condone any behavior that violates our strict policies in these areas," Subway told the magazine.

Someone posted the upsetting Subway meat on a toilet seat video to Reddit, where commenters were sure the employee who created the video would be fired. (As Newsweek reported, they were correct.) "Not only that. Subway can go after him for damages to their image," another commenter guessed. "Can you imagine getting a sub after watching this video?"

The Subway employee was expressing frustration over his minimum wage job

Jumanne's anger over his circumstances was on full display in a video he pinned to the top of his Jumanne Way Facebook page, from October 1. In the video, the frustrated rapper flings pans of Subway food onto the floor behind the counter and pulls all the bills out of the cash drawer. "Listen, I'm tired of this minimum wage s***," he says. "All this s*** mine." It seemed highly unlikely that Jumanne actually took the money. He continued posting videos from Subway for several more days.

In his October 6 video, Jumanne asked Meek Mill for any type of opportunity that might "make me get in a position where I don't gotta be here," he said, panning his phone to show the Subway restaurant where he was working at the time. "All of this s*** will be irrelevant to me."

Finally, in an October 15 video Jumanne shot from what looks like his home, the ex-Subway employee sounded more contrite. "I did some grimy stuff. I did some stuff I should have never did," he said. "I could be better, and I want to be better." He said he felt a lot of pressure as a content creator, although he knew that didn't justify his actions. "There's gonna be consequences to that, even some legal consequences," Jumanne said about his Subway videos. "I gotta get in the right state of mind to put in the work to be able to capitalize off of the controversy that I created."