This Gordon Ramsay Gourd Meme Has TikTok Cracking Up

Yesterday, something rather weird happened on TikTok. Of course, that just means it was a regular Tuesday. To clarify, "weird" is a good thing in general, but especially on TikTok, where the demographic is skewed toward people under the age of 34, according to the Omnicore Agency. To put it another way, TikTok is a Millennial and Gen Z game, so when it comes to humor, the weirder it is, the better it is, as The Washington Post explains. It's even better if a joke is both weird and utterly meaningless, which brings us to the Gordon Ramsay gourd meme that has TikTok laughing.

TikTok user @CrystalKline08 recently posted an eight-second video that features the strident voice of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, hollering about something being "gray and full of water." Meanwhile, the camera pans over a display of various gourds and eventually reaches a teeny-tiny paper mock-up of a mid-tantrum Ramsay, his torso attached to a gourd, as the sounds of a song overpower Ramsay screaming, "No!" It's weird, it's meaningless, and it is utterly hilarious, apparently, to TikTok users. But it also had the effect of cracking up Gourd-on Ramsay.

This hilarious Gourdon Ramsay meme has become quite meta

The Gourd-on Ramsay TikTok posted by @CrystalKline08 was pretty much an instant hit, cracking up TikTok with thousands of likes and comments. As user @Bruttha puts it, "idk why this is so funny." And you know who else thought so? Ramsay himself, who posted a reaction video on his own TikTok account. "Not really sure how I feel about this one....oh my," Ramsay captioned the post, which starts with @CrystalKline08's weirdly humorous video and ends with Ramsay standing in a kitchen, staring straight into the camera and saying, "What? Oh. My. Gourd." 

Ramsay's video has already been viewed nearly 900,000 times, garnering many comments that echo his reaction. Many users seem to love watching every strange second of this TikTok experience in which Ramsay, who falls squarely into the Gen X demographic, demonstrates that he does, in fact, get the weird joke. At least, @CrystalKline08 certainly does, as she posted yet another video reacting to Ramsay's reaction. It's all in a day's TikToking.