The Reason Winnipeg Is Considered The Slurpee Capital Of The World

Winnipeg, Canada has a lot to offer visitors. Taste Atlas points out some of its delicious specialty foods like schmoo torte, smoked goldeye, and honey dill sauce. According to Hey Explorer, "The Peg" is known for its museums, the NHL's Winnipeg Jets, and many festivals like Folklorama. It's even Hugh Jackman's supposed hometown, if you believe Ryan Reynolds' joke on Australia's "Today" show (via ET Canada). The joke was part of the duo's long-running fake feud, so strike Jackman from our list of Winnipeg's attractions. What you might not expect is that the city is noted for its predilection for Slurpees. 

Yep, per Thrillist, Winnipeg is considered the Slurpee Capital of the World. How Winnipeg was crowned with this auspicious honor all boils down to 7-Eleven. Everyone's favorite convenience store anoints the winner of this title, and the city has worn the cool badge for over 20 years, according to Access Winnipeg. The city takes such pride in their Slurpee achievement that they honorarily dubbed a street "Slurpee Way." But what makes Winnipeg such a stand-out when it comes to sucking down these ice-cold drinks?

Winnipeg's obsession with Slurpees

Access Winnipeg reveals that people in the city really do have a special place in their hearts for Slurpees. The frosty drinks are popular with people in Winnipeg's maternity wards during the summer and are a common staple at summer weddings. Current Results shares that the summers can get up to 80 degrees, but even in sub-freezing weather people in Winnipeg cherish their beloved Slurpees. And if you are traveling to Winnipeg and are met by a family member or friend, they may even bring you a Slurpee at the airport.

How many Slurpees do you need to sell to be the Slurpee Capital of the World? A lot, and 7-Eleven stores in Winnipeg do just that. Thrillist explains that while Slurpee Canada wouldn't give exact numbers, they did share that on an annual basis the province of Manitoba drinks 2.5 times more Slurpees than the rest of Canadian neighbors. Older data shows that to be just less than 190,000 Slurpees per month. Just the thought gives us brain freeze.