Baking It: Release Date, Celebrity Hosts, And More - What We Know So Far

With the beginning of the holiday season, television viewers are getting the opportunity to watch several shows that are making sure everyone is able to get into the spirit of the holidays. One of the newest entrants on the block is "Baking It," an entertaining show that comes equipped with plenty of baked treats and surprises to keep viewers engaged.

As outlined by Delish, "Baking It" aims to be a show that's slightly different and exciting at the same time. One thing is for sure, though: Viewers who are looking for content that isn't too serious are bound to enjoy watching this new creation. It aims to combine fun moments, baking challenges, and touching scenes to present a show that's a fun ride from the start to the finish line. Per Food Sided, viewers will get to hear about some amazing stories linked to the dishes seen on the show.

When will Baking It be released?

Here's some good news: Those who are looking forward to watching "Baking It" don't need to wait for a long time at all. According to Delish, the show's first episode will be launched on Thursday, December 2. Those who are interested in watching the show can stream the first episode on Peacock by NBC Universal.

According to Newsweek, NBC and Peacock are keen to provide as much entertainment as they can through their new shows, including "Baking It," "Top Chef Family Style," and "American Ninja Warrior Junior." Meanwhile, "Baking It" is meant to prepare viewers for Christmas with several entertaining episodes that will focus on a number of different baking challenges.

Peacock, according to a press release from NBC, first announced "Baking It" in May and included a few details such as the show's basic plot, the judges, famous names behind the show, and more. By the way, Amy Poehler is one of the executive producers.

Who are the celebrity hosts?

According to Delish, "Baking It" will see two rather famous personalities act as hosts: Popular actors and comedians, Andy Samberg and Maya Rudolph. Yes, really. Viewers can expect a lot of light-hearted moments on the show thanks to these two well-known personalities. 

The duo loved working together again. Samberg told Mashed, "For me, it was like being asked by Amy and told I would be working with Maya was kind of the whole reason I wanted to do it. And it turned out to be the right call." He added that the show gave them a chance to spend time together and catch up with each other. Also, working on "Baking It" allowed them to pick up useful tips. Per Food Sided, Rudolph said that while it takes her some effort to bake, the TV show has given her plenty of baking hacks to try.

What will the episodes be like?

What can viewers truly expect from "Baking It?" Well, according to Delish, one of the most interesting aspects of the show is the fact that it doesn't have celebrity judges, but four experienced grandmothers who will analyze all the delicious desserts prepared by the contestants. Also, the bakers are not culinary professionals themselves. Instead, they are people who are simply passionate about baking. They will be working in teams of two: Friends, siblings, parents with their kids, and more. So much fun!

According to Food Sided, there will be eight teams and they will be fiercely competing across six episodes to impress the judges and win the top prize. Because the judges are grandmothers, things are slightly different on "Baking It." As Rudolph explained, "They give you the critique but they see value in you and your work." Hey, this is as festive as it gets!