The Grossest Things Ever Seen On Bar Rescue

Big Jon Taffer is either the first person you want to see enter your bar because you know he's on a mission to set your establishment straight, or he's the absolute last person you want to see storm in because you know he's about to reign hell down on you and your coworkers with the fury of a thousand irate storms. Jon Taffer knows what it takes to run a successful operation, and when you sign up for his help, you'd better be ready to take orders and follow his every word. He doesn't mince words or coddle the workers who seek his help, and that's what makes him so efficient when it comes to taking a failing bar and reinventing it so it brings in new business and keeps its patrons happy.

Throughout Taffer's time hosting his hugely popular show Bar Rescue, he's dealt with all sorts of employees. Some are ready to listen, but many others are stuck in their old ways and fight him on every suggestion he makes. But, oftentimes, it's not the workers that are the problem. Rather, it's the environment they're working in. Keeping a clean bar is vital for success, but unfortunately, cleanliness isn't always a number one priority. On plenty of occasions, Taffer's been absolutely appalled at the level of hygiene he's encountered, and you will be too after reading about the grossest things the host has ever seen on his show. Get some Pepto Bismol ready for this one.

Fully loaded nacho fail

It doesn't take a genius to pile chips on a plate and then dump on a bunch of delicious fixings. But when Jon Taffer paid a visit to a bar in Everett, Washington, called the YNot Sports Pub & Grub located right outside the Xfinity Arena, and he discovered the people in charge figured out a way to gloriously screw their nachos up, he was not pleased about it.

Because the pub saw so much traffic due to the massive shows the Xfinity Arena hosted several times a week, speed and efficiency were vital. Jon gathered 10 of his friends to go undercover and visit the pub, ordering food and drinks aplenty and seeing how well-oiled the establishment's machine was. The group was on a tight schedule because they were seeing a show at the arena, but the bumbling kitchen staff couldn't get the food out on time, forcing the group to bail on their meal. This was when Taffer stormed in to see what the issues were. He and two colleagues sat down and asked to try all the food the 10-person group ordered, and the nachos caused a screeching halt in his appetite. He picks out a piece of the pulled pork topping and says, "That looks like what my cat threw up this morning." Yikes! If that wasn't bad enough, the melted cheese was overcooked, which led to the entire plate of nachos stuck together in one stale, disgusting mass.

Front door into the fridge

Keeping food at the proper temperatures is perhaps the most important aspect of running a restaurant. Even if the service is slow and the or severs are incompetent at taking orders, at least those two traits won't leave people with a horrendous case of food poisoning. That's why Jon Taffer was absolutely appalled at the way the YNot Sports Pub & Grub in Everett, Washington, was keeping their food stored. Let's just say if you had a hankering for salmonella one Friday evening, this was definitely the place to visit.

After tasting several dishes he thought were absolutely appalling, Taffer marched the owners of the bar into the kitchen where the food was prepped. He wanted to know exactly what was going on behind the scenes. Once in the kitchen, he stopped and stared in awe at what looked like the front door to a house in the back of the kitchen. When he asked what the door led to, they said the walk-in fridge, which was an answer Taffer did not want to hear. The second Taffer walks into the fridge, he sternly tells them, "It's not safe! It's at a dangerous temperature the entire time. You're gonna f***ing kill somebody." Honestly, it's amazing they hadn't sent someone to the hospital already considering they stored food behind a door that was in breach of health code violations for so long.

Mystery tub of disgust

According to Jon Taffer, Colorado is the number two state in the country for craft beers, so he wanted to see what a craft beer establishment called St8 Pub in Englewood, Colorado, had to offer two of his friends he sent in to get their brews on. And as you can imagine, while Taffer sat outside the pub in a car watching the scene inside unfold, he grew angrier by the minute at how careless and unhygienic the owner acted the whole time. He barehanded a bag of garbage in the kitchen and changed a roll of paper towels in the bathroom without ever washing his hands afterward. But there was one moment in particular that truly turned Taffer's stomach.

Once Taffer got a first-hand view of the state of the kitchen, you could see the nausea creep over his face. Everything was covered in crusted grease, but there were two plastic bins that stood out among everything else. They were filled with some kind of mystery meat, and the fat of the meat was caked onto the inside of the bins, meaning they hadn't been changed in quite some time. The owner proceeded to scoop out a cupful of meat, microwave it, and then dump the appalling mess of who-knows-what onto a bun. As he watched this go down, Taffer stated, "I wouldn't serve this to an inmate." And he's right. Even those guilty of crimes didn't deserve what St8 Pub served.

Kitchen shower time

Cleanliness is next to godliness. By that logic, if you're trying to achieve an establishment that rivals God himself in perfection, you'd better keep it clean. But it's not just the kitchen equipment and environment you need to be kept pristine — you need every employee to also adhere to high standards of cleanliness as well. Taffer, naturally, is huge on keeping a sanitized workspace, but when he took a trip down to Horn Lake, Mississippi, to investigate a spot called Joe's Thirsty Lizard Bar & Grill (renamed The Iron Horse after Taffer stepped in), he was actually appalled at one particular way the cook decided to keep clean.

The cook, who calls himself Dirty Red, was told by his manager that Taffer needed him to clean the entirety of the kitchen before he left for the evening, or else he would lose his job. The kitchen was in atrocious condition, so Dirty Red did as he was instructed and stayed the night scrubbing the grime off of every surface. Finally, at almost eight o'clock the next morning, he completed his task but was covered in the nasty stuff he set out to clean. Instead of heading home to shower, this guy decided to use the dish hose to take a shower in the kitchen. He stripped down buck naked and sprayed away at his body until he was clean. One of his coworkers even warned him not to "get the degreaser in the pee-pee, it stings."

Critters not welcome

It's not everyday you sit down to have a cocktail at a bar and have to worry about wildlife interrupting your relaxation. Why the heck would you ever have to worry about something that's supposed to live outside suddenly popping up unannounced and parading its way through patrons, terrifying anyone who it approaches? The answer is simple: You shouldn't ever have to worry about it. But if you happen to find yourself sucking down booze in a place called KC's Neighborhood Bar & Grill in Shawnee, Kansas, it's not out of the realm of possibility, and that's a realm Jon Taffer certainly isn't okay existing in.

There were plenty of things wrong with the joint, such as bartenders who smoked cigarettes as they were pouring drinks, a kitchen deep fryer with oil so old it looked like liquid scrambled eggs, and charcoal-colored hamburger patties. But the icing on the cake was when the patrons all let out a communal gasp as a raccoon sprinted its way across a section of the bar before escaping out the door! But not before it left behind a string of feces for everyone to stare at while they ate and drank. As one patron put it, "You might as well just have rats crawling across the table. It's disgusting." All Taffer could do was shake his head in disbelief as he watched the footage from his car parked out front.

Butt shot on the bar

Just because the words "bar" and "butt" both start with the letter "b" doesn't mean the two should ever find themselves mingling with each other. Let's just say the two should probably stay far away from each other for the sake of everyone's health. Well, at a place called Bottoms Up Bar & Grill in Stanton, California, the employees apparently never got the memo, and the workers had absolutely no problem mixing their butts with the bar, which did not sit well with Jon Taffer. "I'll have a Bloody Mary, but hold the tush."

The bar seemed more like a strip club than a place to gather with friends and relax with some drinks. All of the women working wore scantily clad outfits, gave lap dances to patrons, and seemed like they were incredibly tipsy. Not a good look for a place that's trying to appear like they have their act together. Then, it came time for the "butt shot," which is exactly what it sounds like. One of the female employees lied face-down across the bar while a shot of liquor was placed between her upper thighs. A woman was supposed to pull it out using just her mouth, but this was when Taffer marched in. Before he could put a stop to everything, though, another employee yanked the shot into her mouth anyway.

Gumbo makes the chef sick

It's important for a chef to taste the food they cook before sending it out. This ensures anything leaving the kitchen tastes great so the customers want to bring their business back. Customers want to leave with a smiling stomach, not a doggy bag teeming with listeria. Any chef will admit they'd prefer themselves to get sick from their food as opposed to a customer, but the head chef at a spot called Turtle Bay in New Orleans, Louisiana, had a particularly rough experience with the gumbo his kitchen staff cooked.

Gumbo is a staple dish in New Orleans, so when people order it, they expect it to be some of the best they've had. That's why it was so shocking when Turtle Bay's head chef tasted the gumbo only to discover it was not only cold but sour as well. Just minutes after tasting it, the chef started to hold his stomach as if something wasn't sitting right. He immediately made a sprint for the bathroom and began vomiting into the toilet. When Taffer confronted the kitchen staff about it, they actually admitted they knew it wasn't up to temperature before serving it. Instantly, Taffer demands the kitchen be closed, and screams at the cooks, "You don't have the right to serve food!"

Fruit fly cocktail

The last words you want to hear as a bar owner are, "There's a smell back here," from someone who's inspecting your establishment for cleanliness. But that's exactly what the employees of the Caribe Nightclub (rebranded La Luz Ultralounge post-episode) in San Diego, California, heard when Jon Taffer and his cohort rummaged through the less-than-sanitary items behind the bar. When the bar mats were picked up, they were caked in mold, which was definitely the cause of the odor. But that was far from the gnarliest thing Taffer and his friend discovered.

There was an abundance of fruit flies buzzing around the liquor bottles, which was an immediate indication that spilled liquor was dripping off the shelves. The flies were attracted to the sugary contents of the liquid. Then, upon further examination of the bottles, there were actually deceased fruit flies inside floating around deceased in the liquor! The employees' faces were colored with embarrassment, as they should have been. Taffer and his friend just kept pulling bottle after bottle out from behind the bar, and they all had the tiny corpses of fruit flies sloshing around in the liquor. But the grossest moment came when the two actually poured a shot full of the fly-filled liquor and then strained it through a towel. Dozens of the dead bugs were filtered out. Taffer admitted that over the course of his 30 years in the business, he had never seen anything like it before.

Deathly discovery

When Jon Taffer paid a visit to Fort One Bar & Lounge in San Francisco, California, he assumed he'd be walking into a place that had the usual types of problems: lazy workers, incompetent owners, and a general lack of cleanliness throughout most of the place. Well, his assumption was certainly correct when it came to that cleanliness. As he and his colleague made their way around the kitchen area, they found thick layers of mold on the walls inside the ice machine. This place was actually serving ice that sat inside an airtight bin caked in grayish-black mildew for days at a time. The employees themselves were absolutely horrified at the discovery, but they had no clue what atrocious discovery would pop up soon after.

As Taffer and his colleague made their way around the bar pointing out all of the blatant flaws, they finally reached a closed storage bin. From what they already found, they knew it was likely the bin wouldn't fare much better. But what they discovered had them both literally jump back in utter disgust. They were faced with two dead mice resting on the bottom of the bin. The employees looked at each other in complete disbelief, with some even turning and walking away with their hands over their mouths. As one employee put it after the discovery was made, "I can't even believe I serve people anything from here."

Deep-fry disaster

When it comes to bar fare, deep-fried goodies usually reign supreme. Few people crave a healthy salad when they start tossing back beers. They want something greasy and unhealthy to pair with their rising blood-alcohol content, and nothing hits the spot quite like a basket of goodies that just took a dip in a sizzling jacuzzi of hot oil. Plus, deep-frying is a quick and simple process so that paying customers can get their eager fingers on that delicious stuff quickly. Well, that's unless they visit The Airliner in Los Angeles, California.

When Taffer sent in his undercover group to try some of the food there, he wasn't surprised at all by their hesitancy. After several minutes of watching his friends discuss their disappointment, Taffer walked in to greet them, then kindly invited them back to the kitchen to see where all the "magic" happened. Taffer immediately walked over to the deep fryer and dropped in a basket of fries to show everyone just how putrid the oil was. The second the fries hit the oil, it began smoking and turned into a thick yellow glop because, as Taffer explained, "It is so contaminated with bacteria and filth." Nothing like a basket of fries with a side of bacteria.

The grill is on fire

When the comment, "It looks like the kitchen's on fire," is met with the response, "Yeah, it is," something has gone dangerously wrong. That was exactly the response a kitchen expert named Ryan Scott gave Jon Taffer at the Harbor Point Club & Grill (renamed JB Taco) in Richardson, Texas, after Taffer made a comment about some flames he noticed in the kitchen. Obviously, Taffer immediately stood up to see just what the heck the cooks back there were doing that caused such an alarming response, and when he swung open the kitchen doors, the two frantic cooks on the grill knew they were about to get an earful, Jon Taffer-style.

Naturally, the first words out of Taffer's mouth were, "Why is the grill on fire?" The cook who answered clearly didn't actually know, but he guessed it was because it was too hot. In reality, the grill hadn't been cleaned since the restaurant opened, and it was the leftover gristle that caused the flames. The frazzled cooks were literally saying anything they could to calm down an already furious Taffer, but at that point, Taffer's patience was at zero. Taffer was so irate with the excuses, he screamed, "Stop freakin' lying! Clean this f***ing place or I'm gone!" With those words, he tossed several plates of food onto the ground and watched as the two distraught cooks picked everything up off the floor with their tails between their legs.

Serving undercooked chicken

While a rare steak is perfectly fine to consume (many steak lovers will tell you there's no other way to eat a steak other than medium-rare or rare), the complete opposite can be said of chicken. Chicken is one of those proteins you must cook all the way through before it's served. Unless, of course, you want your dinner guests to be stuck with the toilet all night. Raw chicken can be incredibly dangerous, which is exactly why Jon Taffer was far from thrilled when he visited Lucky 66 Bowl in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Taffer spent an evening shift at the restaurant helping to coordinate service properly and check on the patrons to make sure they were happy with their orders. However, when he approached one table of six, they were quick to show the host a piece of fried chicken that was slimy and pink in the middle. Taffer took the chicken and marched back into the kitchen to give the cooks a piece of his mind. Surprisingly, he kept his cool as he handed the head chef the chicken. "If there's anything we can't do, it's serve raw chicken," he said. The issue was resolved, and six people managed to avoid potentially brutal consequences that night.