My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis: Release Date, Plot, And More - What We Know So Far

Many might forget, but Giada De Laurentiis bought and renovated a new home in her Los Angeles neighborhood in the pre-pandemic era. As She Knows reported in February 2020, De Laurentiis guided people through the space on Instagram, saying, "I got work to do. And it's gonna take me probably the whole year to do it." She does film from her own kitchen, so we can only imagine she has certain standards in mind to make things as effortless as possible while cameras are rolling.

Now, though, we no longer have to imagine what those standards are. On November 23, Deadline announced that Discovery+ would air a special titled "My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis." As the title suggests, we will see her culinary mind palace. But what kind of insight will people get into how De Laurentiis organizes her space? When will we be able to watch it? Read on to find out.

What is the release date for My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis?

We know that we can watch Giada De Laurentiis redesign her kitchen on Discovery+, but when can we do so?

According to the Food Network's announcement, the special will air on Saturday, December 18. However, they refrained from saying whether this will be an hourlong special, a simple 30-minute dip into kitchen designs or an unlikely hour-plus pseudo-film. However, considering that an episode of "Fixer Upper" fills an hour slot, it seems safe to assume that the special will also serve the better part of an hour.

As an added pleasure for those really into workspace layouts, this special is one of two, which will release on December 18. Alongside de Laurentiis's Californian dream, you can also watch "My Dream Kitchen: Carla Hall," in which the chef will construct a new kitchen in her D.C. home.

What is the plot of My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis

While the general outline of the show may be obvious, you might be wondering more about the specifics. Namely, will the special be an overview tour of the new kitchen with a few recipes thrown in so Giada De Laurentiis can show off, or will it be a deep dive into contract negotiations? If we take the President of the Food Network Courtney White at her word, it seems the special will be the latter.

In the announcement made by the Food Network, White says, "Kitchen renovations are fodder for addictive voyeurism. Giada and Carla allowed our cameras to document every detail — from the glorious to the painful. These renovation journeys end with spectacular results, but the road to each finish was so dramatic." The rest of the press release details zig zags and delays due to supply chain issues, which are probably COVID-related. In other words, the special will not only deal with the dreamy aspects of a dream kitchen. It will also depict the headache-inducing details involved in making those visions concrete.

Who will star in My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis?

Gee. Who will star in "My Dream Kitchen: Giada De Laurentiis?" Who could possibly say? 

Sarcasm aside, Giada De Laurentiis is the feature of the special. Even though the point of the episode will be to document the making of her kitchen, the fact that it is her "dream kitchen" means that it will be entirely about the fan-favorite chef.

This is clear in how the Food Network describes her special. The network details that with 20 years of working with food professionally, De Laurentiis can finally design a kitchen as she sees fit, which means "a warm, intimate and cozy space where the kitchen is the heart of the home" and includes "a special outdoor addition that is a fitting tribute to her Italian heritage." If you watch either "Giada at Home" or "Giada at Home 2.0" regularly, this special will serve as a behind-the-scenes bonus and a culmination of what De Laurentiis provides in her more regular program.