Instagram Can't Stop Talking About Katie Lee Biegel's Negroni Fountain

Typically made with equal parts gin, vermouth, and Campari, the Negroni is a cocktail classic. And as is the case with all classics, there has been no shortage of inventive ways to both tweak and serve the bittersweet libation. In fact, fountains, for some reason, became a somewhat regular vessel for dispensing Negronis.

In 2017, Gothamist reported that a Little Italy bar known for its strong Negroni game installed a self-serve fountain for patrons, priced at $14 a pour. Martini & Rossi also went the pricey DIY route and released a £220 (roughly $290) red-colored fountain that dispensed Negroni from a bull head-shaped figure attached to it (via Good Housekeeping). Food Network finally hopped on the Negroni fountain bandwagon, too, in an episode of "The Kitchen" in which co-host Katie Lee Biegel charmed her fans with a rum Negroni fountain. 

Biegel's twist on the drink replaces the gin with gold rum, but also includes the inspired addition of Velvet Falernum, a sweet and spice-infused liquer typically used in tropical concoctions, per D&M Wines and Liquors. Adding to the wow factor of new flavor profile, Biegel's recipe includes the added bonus that it can be made in advance to serve 20 drinks. But the real kicker was the way she proposed everyone serve it: in a self-serve glass fountain for anyone to pop their glass in and pour themselves as much Negroni as they please (via Instagram). 

Fans are loving Biegel's super cheesy lasagna too

While chocolate and cheese fountains have long been table centerpieces at parties, Katie Lee Biegel's Negroni fountain has fans thrilled about the possibility of serving cocktails in fountains this Christmas. An excited fan on Instagram even wondered why the Negroni fountain had to be limited to just the holidays: "I need this as a permanent fixture in my kitchen." Another admitted that Biegel's brilliant idea to serve Negroni in a fountain was their ticket to winning the annual family cocktail competition if only they knew where to get Biegel's fountain from.

The Negroni fountain has no doubt been an instant hit amongst Beigel's fans but they're also loving her super cheesy lasagna recipe that she shared on the episode. Per the recipe shared on Food Network's website, the cheesiness comes from ricotta, provolone, and a generous amount of mozzarella.

"I'm so glad you did the lasagna. Now I know what we're having for Christmas dinner" said one comment while others wondered, if rum Negroni fountains and cheesy lasagnas are any indications of how Biegel celebrates her holidays, how amazing must her parties be: "Incredible Katie! I would love to be at one of your parties!" Wouldn't we all?