KFC Is Testing Out A New Dipping Sauce. Here's Where You Can Try It

If you're a fan of KFC, it's probably because you love their fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and buttermilk biscuits. However, any fried chicken fan knows that the meal isn't complete with just the main course and sides. No chicken sandwich or fried chicken tenders could ever really be finished without the addition of a delicious dipping sauce to help kick the flavor up a notch. KFC understands the importance of a good dipping sauce, which is why they have recently decided to add another sauce to their testing menu.

Traditionally, KFC only offered three pretty standard dipping sauces: honey BBQ, buttermilk ranch, and honey mustard, according to Yahoo. However, in recent years the chain has decided to get a little more creative, launching their own brand new KFC sauce in October of 2020. The new sweet and smoky sauce was a hit, and now, they are doing it again with the launch of their newest dipping sauce, the tangy Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce, according to CNN.

KFC's new sauce will be released in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Dallas

The fast food chain will be partnering with Capital City, a family-owned DC business whose founder, Arsha Jones, developed the mambo sauce recipe in 2011. It has since become a famous sauce in the Washington, D.C., one which can now be "found at nearly every carryout restaurant" in the area. KFC now hopes to "introduce more customers to the District's iconic sauce and bring new flavors to a national audience," the company said in a press release (via CNN).

The mambo sauce promises to "perfectly complement" KFC's signature fried chicken with its flavorful blend of sweetness, tanginess, and spice. However, this sweet and spicy new sauce won't be released nationwide just yet. As of now, KFC only plans to launch the Sweet Hot Capital City mambo sauce in three test markets in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and Dallas for a limited time. However, if KFC customers in these new test markets love the tasty sauce as much as District residents do, fans can hope that one day this new release may become the fifth addition to KFC's permanent dipping sauce lineup on menus nationwide.