How GBBO's Chigs Really Feels About Being The Internet's Crush

Every season of "The Great British Bake Off" features a new cast of excited home bakers, eager to whip up some culinary masterpieces in the infamous tent, and perhaps even get a coveted Paul Hollywood handshake or be named Star Baker for a week. And, every season, the internet seems to fall in love with one or two of the contestants, for one reason or another. Sometimes, it's because they're endearingly sassy and deliver killer commentary, such as last season's Lottie Bedlow. Other times, it's because they're ... well, easy on the eyes, as is the case with Chigs Parmar from the latest season of the show.

Spoiler alert for those who might not be caught up — Parmar didn't end up being the victor of his season, but there are plenty of individuals across the world who would be happy to console him after seeing him grace their screens week after week. People spoke with the amateur baker and, in addition to asking him plenty of questions about his experience on the show and his baking journey, the interviewer also asked how he felt about being "everyone's Baking Show crush, man and woman alike?"

The question likely didn't come as a surprise to Parmar, who just might have been seeing all the comments trickling in on his Instagram page, @thelatebloomeruk, where he's already amassed over 136,000 followers. In a post from just a few days ago, one fan commented "dashing as always but that's hardly a shock now."

How Parmar feels about his new heartthrob status

When the interviewer from People asked for Parmar's response to all the flirty messages and comments he's been getting online, his answer was simple: "I'm flattered; it's always flattering getting those kinds of messages." Parmar also confirmed that his DMs had indeed been "blowing up" with fans reaching out to him.

While fans aren't able to get a peek at his DMs, they can see some of the comments that have been left on his limited Instagram posts. Recently, Parmar even shared a screen capture of the profile People penned on his Instagram page, and many fans opted to leave messages on that post as well. One fan took things to a whole new level, commenting "I'm officially asking you to marry me. I'll move to [the] UK. Just saying."

However, fans can rest assured that Parmar isn't going to have his ego overinflated by all the love and spicy DMs he's getting, as he clarified that he has a great support system that is able to bring him back down to earth "so I don't get a big head when I get those kind of comments."

And for fans wondering whether or not they might actually have a shot with him, Parmar is keeping things fairly close to his chest, declining to admit whether or not he's in a relationship.