The 17 Best Charcuterie Board Accounts On Instagram

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Ten years ago, you would've been hard-pressed to come across a charcuterie board on most restaurant menus, let alone find anyone who knew how to spell and pronounce "charcuterie." But today, plenty of people are putting together trays of meats, cheeses, and other snackable treats for game nights, holidays, picnics, and simply posting on social media.

Charcuterie is nothing new, though. Civilizations have been eating dried meats and cheeses for nearly as long as we've been around. "Charcuterie" is a French word that dates back to 1400s, according to Trealy Farm Charcuterie, a U.K.-based charcuterie brand. The word loosely translates to "cooked flesh" and refers to meats that were cooked or air-dried versus raw meat (because mixing cooked and raw foods was a big no-no, even then).

But while charcuterie's origins can be traced to early food sanitation practices and the mere convenience of a meal that could be taken on the go, today's charcuterie explosion can be accredited to something much more modern: social media. According to Business Insider, it's millennial influencers who we have to give thanks for the rising interest in meat and cheese platters. (Food Business News notes that the pandemic, which kept everyone at home and busy in their own kitchens, increased the demand for charcuterie boards as well.)

However, whether you're a long-time charcuterie fan or you're just now jumping on the trend, if you make your own boards at home, you may find that you need a little new inspiration every once in a while — and for that, we turn to the best charcuterie board accounts on Instagram.

Fig & Honey

Fig & Honey is a Northern California boutique catering company that focuses on grazing boards and tables. (If you're not familiar with the charcuterie offshoot that is the grazing board, it's basically the same thing, only a little larger and with a little more variety.)  But while the company only operates in Fresno, it's gained a following of nearly 50,000 hungry Instagrammers with its lush photos of expansive grazing tables, cute "adult Lunchable-esque" grazing boxes, and colorful boards. 

Scanning through the account's frequent posts is sure to spark some inspiration, whether you're looking for the latest and greatest new items to add to your next board, or you're just wanting a few ideas on how to go about arranging your latest haul of specialty meats and cheeses. And if you happen to be in the Fresno area and want in-real-life inspiration along with some delicious bites, be sure to stop at Fig & Honey's brick-and-mortar location where you can take advantage of the build your own cheeseboard bar!

That Cheese Plate

If  your charcuterie board preference leans more towards cheese than cured meats, then That Cheese Plate is for you. Rather than an individual business, That Cheese Plate is more of a community, with all sorts of resources for your charcuterie needs. Beyond simply posting inspiring photos, the account also offers instruction on how to make your charcuterie-building experience that much easier. And if you still need more inspiration, you can check out founder Marisa Mullen's posts on Food52, as well as her technique and recipe book, "That Cheese Plate Will Change Your Life."

Love That Cheese Plate's look but can't be bothered to put together a charcuterie board for yourself? Well, you're in luck, because this is one of the few accounts on our list that delivers nationwide, via Goldbelly. You can pick from two charcuterie boards, to serve anywhere from five to 12 people. Each board features artisanal cheeses, meats, and accompaniments such as crackers, nuts, dried fruits, and olives.

Miami Larder

The Miami Larder serves the Miami area with next-day charcuterie delivery, but we find that the business's account is a pretty great resource for charcuterie inspiration as well. Each board, masterminded by Corporate Chef Mitch Hesse, is pretty heavy on colorful fruits and veggies and, unlike many other of board-makers, Miami Larder incorporates a lot of fresh produce into the mix, too. That includes everything from raspberries, blackberries, and figs to radishes and cherry tomatoes. 

Want something a little out of the ordinary and a bit more luxurious than your average charcuterie board? Miami Larder also puts together extravagant caviar boards, which swap out your traditional cured meat selection with fancy fish eggs and your average crackers for potato blini made with truffled egg yolks and a lemon crème fraiche. This is definitely a spot to look for inspo for your next big, overflowing, abundant board, be it charcuterie and beyond. 

Lover Boards

Lover Boards not only provides a regular stream of inspiring pics, but also virtual workshops that include curated grocery lists and one-hour Zoom sessions with recordings that can be used after the fact (in case you forgot to take notes).The workshops, which cover everything from classic charcuterie boards to holiday-themed spreads, are sure to help you further hone your charcuterie skills. If you want to try your hand at making a board on your own first, you can browse Lover Boards' handy Amazon shop to see what products and supplies they use in their creations.

One thing that really makes these boards stand apart is the fun use of flowers and props among all the yummy food. Skeletons, pumpkins, and spiders provide thrills and chills on the Halloween-themed boards, while orange, white, and red flowers add a pop of seasonal color to the Thanksgiving-style boards. Don't forget to check out the brand's Instagram stories, as well, for handy recipes.

Cheese by Numbers

Are you looking for someone to break down the art of creating a charcuterie board to the barest of elements? Then you need Cheese by Numbers in your life. The Instagram account, with a whopping 297,000 followers, is based on the charcuterie creation methods formulated by the previously mentioned That Cheese Plate. Cheese by Numbers offers step-by-step tutorials and illustrated maps that make replicating all of their posts easy. Click on a photo and you'll see a handy "key" that tells you what each item is, so you can then go out and buy the same ingredients for yourself (or simply use the keys as flavor combo inspiration). 

In addition to these map-style posts, the account also posts quick tips, like advice on piling, rolling and stacking your meats, and other useful info such as how to take your charcuterie board on the go for a fun picnic experience. This is truly a must-follow for charcuterie newbies.

Cheese Board & Chill

Who wouldn't want to Cheese Board & Chill? On this cheeseboard enthusiast page, you'll find inspiration and tips for building your own charcuterie and cheese boards at home. However, you can also check out the account's stories for recommendations on perfect charcuterie-ready products that you can buy at Target and Trader Joe's. Cheeseboard workshops (both virtual and in-person) are also part of the fun. Additionally, this account is one of the few that sometimes goes off assignment, creating cool and inventive boards that are themed around things like s'mores or French toast. 

The real value to this account (beyond the mouthwatering photos, of course) is all the great product recommendations. If you're a newcomer to the charcuterie scene, you can feel overwhelmed by the vast expanse of options available to you. Cheese Board & Chill makes putting together your first board a little bit easier, pointing you directly to items that are available at national retailers — no trip to your local cheese shop or butcher needed.

Deluxe Grazing

For exceptionally vibrant and colorful charcuterie boards and grazing tables, you've got to look to Deluxe Grazing. This Australian account, with nearly 13,000 followers, sells grazing tables, picnic boxes, and platters, but is also there to inspire you with boards that are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Their themed boards are pretty awesome, too, and we're not just referring to the holidays. Recent boards have shown off Mexican-inspired flare, soccer fun, and more. Plus, you gotta love the emphasis on highlighting vibrant colors. Rather than just relying on crackers, meats, and cheeses, Deluxe Grazing incorporates fresh fruits and veggies (oranges! blueberries! tomatoes! strawberries! kiwi!), to create a grazing experience that's a bit healthier than your average charcuterie tray.

Check out the account's stories for even more culinary inspiration, including tips for assembling some yummy gluten-free and vegan sandwiches, such as a creation with avocado, vegan mayo, lettuce, cucumber, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, and sprouts.

The Charcuterie Queen

The Charcuterie Queen reigns supreme from Long Island, where this account, with over 26,000 followers, delights with regular updates that include over-flowing charcuterie plates and grazing platters. Plus, to help you better put together your own charcuterie or grazing plate at home, posts include handy labels to tell you what types of cheese, meats, and accompaniments appear on each platter. 

One thing that the Queen does that sets her apart is the use of charcuterie cups that contain single servings of meat, cheese, olives, and more. It's the ideal thing for a party or movie night. Another unique creation is the occasionally-posted "cheese cakes," which are not at all your typical cheesecake. Instead, stacked wheels of brie and other cheeses are adorned with fruits, meats, and flowers for a unique and altogether eye-catching display.

The Charcuterie Queen also offers virtual charcuterie classes, wherein cheese, charcuterie, and various accoutrements are shipped to you ahead of the class, and then you can follow along on how to assemble your board via Zoom.

Berry and the Boards

Berry and the Boards is a brand created by a professional visual and food stylist and it shows; every post is a unique work of art. Sure, you've got your classic boards, but this account also displays awesome charcuterie wreaths (perfect for the holidays and just as easy to build), other tasty appetizer-esque treats, and even the occasional cocktail. Lots of tutorials are posted too, such as videos showing you how to create a candy cane cheese board (just use white and red alternating board items such as pepperoni and mozzarella or sugared cranberries and white chocolate-covered pretzels) or another on how to create an entire grazing table. 

There are additional tutorials that show you how to make individual items that you might want to incorporate into a board, such as dried citrus fruit or pretzel-chocolate spiderwebs for a Halloween-themed board. Check out the account's stories for specific roundups of tips, recipes, and tutorials.

Grate Boards

With nearly 50,000 followers, Grate Boards is a favored charcuterie and grazing board account, and for good reason. The variety here is incredible. Beyond your typical charcuterie boards and the occasional holiday-themed board, the account also posts bagel boards, stacked high with bagels, cream cheese, lox, capers, and more; dessert boards, outfitted with cookies, candies, brownies, and fruit; and even a unique "snackle box," a tackle box filled with all your charcuterie needs, plus a few miniature bottles of your favorite booze. 

There are also boards themed after certain color palettes, like a yellow and purple board in support of the Washington Huskies, and pink and blue boards for gender reveal parties. The creativity is endless, but if you need even more inspiration, we recommend that you sign up for one of Grate Boards' virtual "art of cheese" events, to learn more about pairings, local sourcing, and more.

Modern Brie

Modern Brie posts some seriously swoon-worthy charcuterie board photos, but also a lot of tips and tricks for not only creating your own charcuterie boards at home, but also photographing those creations for your personal feed. For example, a recent tutorial revealed the secret to glossing your grapes (because who wants dull grapes?): rubbing them with a spritz of coconut oil. Another tutorial details the step-by-step instructions for making prosciutto ribbons. Yet another shows you how to make flowers out of fruit. Modern Brie also sells photo editing presets to help you cultivate a certain look on your Instagram feed via Adobe Lightroom. 

So, in other words, this is the account you want to follow if you're not just looking for some inspiration for making the occasional yummy snack, but if you have aspirations to become a charcuterie influencer yourself. And, yes, Modern Brie does offer virtual cheese courses and a full blog with recipes.

Charcuterie Chick

The Charcuterie Chick is extremely popular, with more than 100,000 followers. There are several reasons why she's attracted such a large fanbase, including the wide variety of inspiring posts, as well as a ton of guides and tutorials. In fact, there's a whole section of her Instagram profile dedicated to guides that show you how to build boards from scratch, how to make themed boards, how to make dessert boards, and how to be a little more inventive with your cheese. 

But this account isn't just dedicated to all things charcuterie and grazing boards. You'll also find lots of recommendations for other tantalizing snacks as well, such as recipes for festive baked brie appetizers and creamy gouda pimento cheese dip. If you find that you just can't get enough of this account, you'll be glad to know that the curator, Liv, recently signed a book deal, for a food-centric book coming out in 2022.

Charcuterie Babe

We've covered The Charcuterie Chick and The Charcuterie Queen, so it only make sense that we also include the Charcuterie Babe. But what makes this Long Island lady stand out from the others in the pack? Well, there are the cool shapes for starters. While most charcuterie creatives opt for square, rectangular, or circular charcuterie designs, the Babe goes for more creative options. She's done a house-shaped board for new homeowners and housewarming parties; number-shaped boards for birthdays; and even coffin-shaped boards for Halloween. 

Also on display are a variety of charcuterie cones filled with skewers of your favorite charcuterie items such as olives, mozzarella balls, mini brie wheels, berries, and more — perfect for a handheld treat at a casual event (or snacking on the couch, just because). Don't miss the account's reels, where you'll learn how to make a brunch board, outfitted with, yes, your favorite meats and cheeses, but also a variety of mini donuts and bagels.

Meatchee'se Charcuterie Boards

This business, based out of Riverside, California, is serving up private charcuterie workshops, grazing tables and boards in spectacular fashion. Each Meatchee'se Charcuterie Boards creation is a work of art. Flowers are big here — and we're not just talking about the kind that grow in the ground. Just about every board that this account posts features beautiful meat-based roses crafted from salami and prosciutto. When it comes to themes and special occasions, the boards just become more elaborate. Halloween boards feature life-size wooden coffins. A pretty-in-pink board goes all out with roses (both real and meat), strawberries, and chocolate-covered pretzels. A breakfast grazing box ditches the meats, and keeps the cheeses and fruits, but adds in pancakes, cinnamon buns, waffles, and croissants. 

And while it's not even charcuterie-adjacent, this account also posts fantastically extravagant watermelon cakes, carved from watermelon and covered in an array of flowers, macarons, and berries — definitely a fun project to try during the summer months.

The Charcuterie Mama

The Charcuterie Mama gives you loads to salivate over, from traditional charcuterie boards to creative re-imaginings. One particularly eye-catching board on this creator's feed is a fast-food board, piled high with fan favorites from restaurants such as Wendy's, Popeye's, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A. A Christmas-themed hot chocolate board, which was featured on "The Today Show," is packed with Christmas cookies and candies. There are even breakfast boards that have gone the extra mile to include tiny skillets of scrambled eggs, and summer picnic-themed boards that feature grilled hot dogs alongside mac-n-cheese, shredded cheese, and gherkins. 

It's easy to see why that in addition to the "The Today Show" shout out, The Charcuterie Mama and her creations have also appeared in publications such as Good Housekeeping and Southern Living — she just knows her stuff! Keep an eye on the Instagram account for the occasional themed workshops, as well as shopping reels wherein The Charcuterie Mama goes shopping for everything you need to create a board of your own.

Take It Cheesy NYC

Staten Island-based Take It Cheesy NYC is a little bit more of an up-and-comer on the charcuterie influencer scene, but that hardly makes this account's content less lovable. Find loads of inspiration for creating simple-to-put-together charcuterie boards at home. The small business has been in operation for just about a year, but is already pulling together boards just as beautiful as what you'll get from the pros, with tons of variety and easy-to-replicate themes (if, you know, you're not in New York and can't order a pre-made board or box for yourself). Think your basic fruits and other accompaniments, a few salami roses, and cubed soft and hard cheese. 

Even the larger boards are pretty non-intimidating, featuring a few more spreads, soft cheese, and maybe some candies, in the form of chocolate-covered pretzels and the occasional caramels. In other words, if you're looking for easy inspiration that's not going to leave you feeling like you'll never live up to Pinterest perfection, look here.

Make Food Lovely

Make Food Lovely is doing just that, putting together unique charcuterie and grazing options, alongside classes and tutorials, for truly lovely food. Beyond showcasing standard offerings, post can get super-festive with charcuterie wreaths, charcuterie sleighs, a charcuterie cabin (because who doesn't want a roof made out of salami?), charcuterie cones, and even a charcuterie turkey. 

One of the coolest things about this account is that it's partnered with The Cheese Lover Shop to offer charcuterie kits that ship nationwide — and these kits come with a lot to love. Each kit comes with five different types of cheese and then five accompaniments (including your meats). However, if you don't need quite that much cheese and meat, you can peruse the Make Food Lovely account for ideas on how to put together a grazing experience on a smaller scale, such as within the confines of a single-serving bowl or even in a coffee mug.