The McDonald's Snack You Can Only Get In Italy

In the United States, McDonald's customers are pretty partial to their Big Macs and fries for dinner, Chicken McNuggets for lunch, and Sausage McMuffins for breakfast. But in other parts of the world, McDonald's menus vary greatly based on regional cuisines. For example, in Egypt, you can nosh on a McFalafel, which is a wrap made with falafel, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, and Tehina sauce (via McDonald's Egypt). In Brazil, dessert options include a crispy banana pie, per the chain's website, while the McDonald's Malaysia menu lists Bubur Ayam McD, a porridge dish with chicken, ginger, onions, and chilies, as a main course offering.

Italy, of course, also offers different menu items, as Business Insider contributor Claudia Romeo discovered when she hit up a McDonald's in Venice, where she enjoyed delights including a chicken sandwich and chicken wings. But there was one item that Romeo said rose above the rest: the Parmareggio Snack.

Italians love eating Parmigiano-Reggiano, even from McDonald's

The Parmareggio Snack from McDonald's Italy is essentially just a stick of Parmigiano-Reggiano, and, as Romeo says on behalf of Business Insider, "[It's] amazing because where else can you get a snack that's literally a piece of cheese?" Romeo isn't the only McDonald's patron who loves the Parmareggio Snack, which the Italian McDonald's website says is DOP, or Protected Designation of Origin (via La Cucina Italiana), certified. 

Italian music duo Lionhead recently took to TikTok to show their passion for the McDonald's Parmareggio Snack. They posted a video of themselves gleefully enjoying two of the cheese sticks, touting them as "amazing" and "a good quality Parmigiano." The internet loved the video, with comments and heart emojis pouring in. As of this writing, the post has more than 544,000 likes and comments ranging from "I have to try this" to "I have an unhealthy addiction to cheese, so I want this desperately." And, of course, someone said, "even Mc Donalds is better there."