Sam's Club Fans Are Swooning Over These Pantry Storage Containers

You've probably got your fair share of pantry staples — whether it is boxes upon boxes of pasta, or extra cans of your favorite fruits and vegetables. No matter what the cause might be, your pantry can get crowded and messy fast, especially when you're stocking up on snacks and bulk items. Thankfully, we've got a trick to organize your pantry, as well as rounding up some of the best kitchen organizers – and to top it off, if you're a Sam's Club member, you're in luck. 

Instagram user @samsclubmembers posted a photo of Member's Mark Fliplock Storage Containers — which based on all of the enthusiastic comments — appear to be well worth the purchase. On the box, it says that one set comes with eight pantry containers, and there are a variety of shapes and sizes. This means that you can fill the large containers up with morning cereals or baking staples like flour, and then fill the smaller containers with leftover snacks. Plus, you can stack the smaller containers on top of the taller ones, saving even more room on your pantry shelf.

What are people saying about these pantry storage containers?

Sam's Club fans have taken the comments section of this Instagram post by storm, with their thoughts on these containers. One commenter said, "Love these! Such a great way to keep my pantry organized," while another Instagram user wrote, "we got a set and it's amazing!" 

Some commenters even boasted about how they have two or three sets of these storage containers, and one person said that this item was sold out on the website, so it's definitely a popular purchase.

If all these comments have convinced you that you need these storage containers to tidy up your pantry, act fast: In the caption of the Instagram post, user @samsclubmembers wrote that this product is currently $10 off. This means a set of eight containers is just $20, which is a great deal. To be clear, the Instagram post is set for a location in Torrance, California, so it's possible that this deal might not be in Sam's Club stores everywhere. If so, though, $30 still seems like a good price to keep your cereal and snacks fresh and crunchy. And while you're at Sam's Club, don't forget to stock up on all the pantry staples that you love.