Bobby Flay Admits Some Of His Recipes Have Come To Him In Dreams

Artists have often created things that were inspired by their dreams. Paul McCartney came up with the Beatles song "Let It Be" after a dream, for instance (via Far Out Magazine). Likewise for Jimi Hendrix, according to NPR, who said he got the lyrics for "Purple Haze" from a dream inspired by a science fiction book. With that in mind, who is to say that culinary artists can't also be visited with ideas in their subconscious?

In response to a question asked by his daughter, Sophie, Bobby Flay admits in a recent podcast episode that he dreams of his recipes, in his words, "All the time."

The title of this episode is "The Making of a Cookbook," in which the celebrity chef goes over everything there is to know about ideating, designing, and writing a print recipe book — what he calls the "BTS" of the whole production. And the Iron Chef should know — he has sixteen of them. Because of this, the podcast host states that this is one of the questions he gets commonly asked.

Flay also reveals in this episode that his seventeenth cookbook, "Sunday's With Sophie," will feature his daughter, who is also the co-host of the podcast.

Flay dreams of food all the time

As stated before, Flay says that he dreams about food all of the time. The most common form in which it visits his subconscious is, evidently, whenever he is dreaming of finished food or if he's looking down at a pan. 

"Sometimes I jot them down right away. It's usually when I'm doing a menu for current restaurants or a new restaurant and it's like, my juices are flowing," says the celebrity chef.

It's not surprising that Flay, whose entire career has been in the food industry, thinks about food both day and night. And Flay proudly admits this on his podcast, saying that he's always trying to find ways to be creative, and retaining memories from his dreams certainly helps with that. Flay just states that a new side dish for his Las Vegas restaurant, Amalfi, came to him from a dream. Sophie, meanwhile, actually related her question back to Paul McCartney, and how his dream was the inspiration for one of the Beatles' most streamed songs — giving her dad and the famous songwriter something in common.