The Truth About Joelle And Jordan Hernandez From Baking It

Amy Poehler and NBC have a message for you: "If you love Maya [Rudolph], Andy [Samberg], Grannies, Baking, Cash Prizes and the Holidays, then ['Baking It'] is the show for you." "Baking It" is Peacock's new original reality baking television show – of which Poehler is an executive producer — which is hosted by her handpicked, hilarious friends, Rudolph and Samberg (via Peacock). 

Hopefully, you've discovered this quirky bit of fun already, given that the show's six episodes began streaming on Peacock on December 2. If not, "Baking It" is holiday-themed and set in a log cabin, and it follows eight teams of two amateur bakers as they bake wintery confections in order to compete for a $50,000 prize, with the winner being determined by a panel of grandmas who know a thing or two about baking (via YouTube).

If "Baking It" didn't grab you with its SNL stars, $50,000, or grannies, then perhaps we should add that all eight of the two-person baking teams are made up of spouses, siblings, or friends. Specifically, we're talking about three sets of spouses, one set of best friends, two sets of siblings, one father-son duo, and one set of twins. All the contestants are interesting and fun, but it's up to you to decide who to root for. However, the twins, who appear prominently in the show's trailer (via YouTube), are pretty darn fascinating. Here's the truth about Joelle and Jordan Hernandez of "Baking It."

Joelle and Jordan Hernandez are twin amateur bakers

Joelle and Jordan Hernandez are twins who form one team of amateur bakers on Peacock's newly streaming reality baking competition show, "Baking It." The two — who are often collectively referred to as "the twins" as they reveal on their website, Jordan and Joelle – are both "communication professionals by day overseeing integral teams at Mediaplanet Publishing Inc., a full-spectrum content marketing company." But the truth about Joelle and Jordan is that they are extraordinarily eclectic, with creative interests and talents extending far beyond their day jobs. 

The duo appear to do pretty much everything, including baking, writing, and community service, to name a few things they excel at. Along with that, the two are family-minded and "Peloton fanatics," as their website describes them. Going even further into their site, you might be surprised to learn that Joelle and Jordan also author a children's book series titled "Twin Tales," focusing on two sisters named Sophie and Sasha. The book series "celebrates sisterhood, girls of color, friendship, education, representation, and more," and you can learn more at the twins' authors page.