The Popular Sitcom You Forgot Padma Lakshmi Appeared In

Padma Lakshmi has done it all. According to Biography, Lakshmi has had a successful career as a model, chef, activist, cookbook and children's book author, and, of course, actor. The judge on Bravo's "Top Chef" has acted alongside music artist Mariah Carey in the movie "Glitter," took on a role in Italian mini-series "Caraibi," and recently has gone to the other side of the camera as the executive producer of Hulu's "Taste the Nation." Lakshmi is a true Renaissance woman.

In an interview with The Cut, Lakshmi revealed that "Taste the Nation" was a perfect project for her because the show's premise is what she does on her time off anyway. "Even if I weren't doing a television show, I would want to seek out the greatest little joint to eat, some ethnic food that was way out in the boonies," she said. But Lakshmi has also found fame outside the culinary world. In fact, the award-winning food expert has also conquered TV sitcoms. Lakshmi showed off her comedic skills in a hit series that starred a famous "Saturday Night Live" writer.

She was a guest on 30 Rock

Per IMDb, Lakshmi made a guest appearance on the show "30 Rock" in 2009, where she played herself in an episode called "The Problem Solvers." Lakshmi makes fun of herself in this storyline, and the dialogue between Lakshmi and Alec Baldwin's character Jack Donaghy will have both foodies and nonfoodies in stitches (via Reality Blurred). In the episode, Lakshmi shares with Donaghy that she is an entrepreneur and has invented something special for sandwiches. 

Her character says, "You know, I'm very entrepreneurial. I invented this new bag that you put around a sandwich to keep it fresh. But it's clear. So you still get the full visual of the sandwich." Donaghy clearly doesn't want to insult the "Top Chef" judge, but replies with, "Uh, so, it's a sandwich bag." To which Lakshmi replies, "No, Jack. It's a new thing that I invented." Lakshmi shares the honor of guest starring on "30 Rock" with fellow celebrity chef Ina Garten, who once appeard as Liz Lemon's dream neighbor in the Hamptons. If you want to watch Lakshmi's performance, you can still find it on YouTube.