The One Food Michael Symon Can't Stand

When you are a celebrity chef like Michael Symon, you have to have an adventurous palate. Symon told Philadelphia Magazine he doesn't limit himself when trying foods. He said, "I've eaten everything at some point in my life. I've eaten balut, which is gross and horrible. Testicles. Ants. Bugs. That snake urine thing."  Still, when the "Next Iron Chef" judge isn't trying adventurous dishes, he likes simple foods. "I like to keep it clean. I like to keep it simple, and I like flavors that are on the aggressive side," Symon told Chicago Tribune.

To wit, Symon is a fan of foods that hail from Greece and Sicily, and he likes to echo the sweet and sour flavors of the Italian condiment agrodolce when he cooks. However, while Symon is willing to try just about anything, there is one food he absolutely hates. It's a fruit that Epicurious has dubbed the "Tom Hanks" of berries, and who doesn't like Tom Hanks?

Symon can't stand this fruit

Symon told Philadelphia Magazine, "One food I just cannot stand is ... raspberries. I just hate them." What is it about these ruby red berries that Symon finds so disdainful? These delicious berries ranked number 6 on Epicurious' list of The Best and Worst Berries, and according to the Produce Market Guide, sales for raspberries shot up 8% in 2019. They are definitely popular, and we love them with our morning breakfast or baked goods. However, don't expect Symon to change his mind about this sweet and fragrant fruit. We did some sleuthing, and it turns out Symon has a legit reason to shun the berry. 

A fan of the chef took to Twitter to find out why the host of "The Chew" would have such strong feelings against raspberries. The follower asked him point-blank why he hates them. A student of brevity, Symon got right to the point and responded with a singular word: "Allergic." That seems like a good enough reason to dislike them!