This Might Be The World's Most Expensive Olive Oil

When you hear the word lambda, you might immediately start stressing about a new coronavirus variant. Fear not, for your wallet is the only thing that needs to be scared. Lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is claiming the title of the most expensive olive oil in the world. Does the quality of the product justify the price tag?

Speiron is a luxury food and beverage company in Greece that is hand-harvesting Koroneiki olives and cold-pressing them to produce the opulent oil. The company claims that, "To dream a new form is to give birth to a new statement," which sounds a bit like a word salad that requires a super-expensive olive oil drizzle to choke down.

There are many cold-pressed extra virgin olive oils out there, so what sets lambda apart from the other high-quality oils on the market? Gourmet Groceries explains that it is the small batches and intense quality control that yield this superior olive oil. The Koroneiki olives are hand-selected and then analyzed for quality and chemical composition at five stages throughout the production process before being bottled and labeled by a small team of eight individuals. This intense quality control is said to produce an incredibly fresh and deliciously fruity oil that is balanced with notes of grass and almond. Oil critics seem to appreciate the quality and flavor of lambda, as the olive oil has earned many awards and been dubbed "liquid gold," per Gourmet Groceries, referencing Portugal's Blue Design Magazine.

This olive oil could cost you thousands of dollars

According to Olive Oil Market, a 500 ml bottle of lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil will set you back $54, which is expensive but not completely mind-blowing in comparison to the cost of other high-end extra virgin olive oils. If you are an olive oil connoisseur and have thousands of dollars to throw around, Speiron has just the products to fit your budget.

If $54 olive oil sounds affordable, why not plunk down a couple of Benjamins to get your expensive olive oil in a $200 gift box? If that sounds silly, Speiron has an option that can take you from zero to ridiculous faster than you can say "dipping bread." The Greek olive oil company offers a personalized gift set that comes complete with a hand-crafted case that holds their award-winning olive oil and two 18k gold plates that bear their new owner's name and will set you back a mere $14,698.

The high-quality standards and lavish price tag of lambda Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil will squeeze your bank account even harder than the olives that make their oil.