This Is The Worst Classic Christmas Dish According To 38% Of People

Christmas is about more than just presents. It's about food, too! Mugs of steaming hot cocoa with a froth of whipped cream on top, platters of Christmas cookies galore, and special meals to be shared with family and friends are all part of the celebratory vibe of the season. But one thing that gives off bad vibes? Bad food. And there are some dishes people really don't want to get stuck eating at Christmas dinner.

That being said, in our Mashed survey of 613 people, there were some traditional Christmas dinner foods that were only hated by a few. Only 4.08% of respondents said that prime rib was the worst Christmas dish, and even fewer people said that they disliked roast chicken. Garlic mashed potatoes were ranked as the worst by less than 5% of respondents, with honey-glazed ham getting 9.79% of the votes and cocktail meatballs getting 12.89%. But two particular dishes that got most of the votes for worst classic Christmas dish.

The worst Christmas dish contains Brussels sprouts

Don't tell Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim, but one of the most reviled classic Christmas dishes according to those we surveyed is Christmas goose. Goose is hard to cook if you aren't used to it, because it's full of fat — some chefs even say to think of it as beef instead of poultry when cooking it (via GQ). But basically, it's an outdated dish that's more complicated to cook than most other meats, and 26.59% of our survey respondents said it was the worst classic Christmas dish.

But the most-hated Christmas dish in our survey was Brussels sprouts casserole. More than 38% of respondents said this was the worst dish. Plain Brussels sprouts were also voted the least-favorite Thanksgiving dish in a survey we did back in November, and it looks like dressing up those sprouts with cheese and cream can't help their reputation. In fact, hatred of Brussels sprouts might even be genetic. This year, if you're cooking for a crowd on Christmas, play it safe –- skip the goose and Brussels sprouts casserole and make roast chicken and mashed potatoes instead.