Here's How Heineken Wants To Save Christmas From Supply Chain Issues

Many people might be facing additional stress this holiday season, as they struggle to complete their holiday shopping amid ongoing supply chain disruptions. According to Business Insider, supply chain problems, combined with persistent labor shortages and increased demand around the holiday season, have led to higher prices or lower availability of a wide variety of seasonal essentials, including classic holiday foods like turkeys, go-to gifts such as toys, and even Christmas trees. All of this can make an already hectic time of year feel even more stressful than usual, as many people face the possibility that the gifts they have carefully selected for their loved ones might not make it under the tree (assuming they have a tree) before Christmas morning.

Luckily, Heineken, which previously tried to prevent 4th of July FOMO for folks who had to work, knows that supply chain issues this season may cause folks to miss out on holiday joys such as presents. In a statement shared with Mashed, the company offered a solution for revelers who may have just realized shipping delays and shortages could mean their gifts won't arrive in time for the big day – and no, it's not a bottle of the brand's famous brew.

The Heineken IOU will let you give a placeholder gift

For a limited time this holiday season and only in participating markets, Heineken is offering customers the chance to give their loved ones an IOU box in place of delayed gifts. According to the press release sent to Mashed, "This luxurious holiday gift box holds six bottles of Heineken and a personalized message that lets the recipient know their real gift is on its way."

Now, a Grinch whose heart is 30 sizes too small could wonder if this is a chance to pretend to give a gift. Maybe they plan on having the darnedest luck with shipping issues, and the package will be "lost" in transit. Maybe the dog will eat it, or a different Grinch will steal it. But at least the IOU can say "I was thinking of you," and it's the thought that counts. But anyone who thought that should think again. Customers seeking a Heineken IOU have to go to the website and upload a picture of their delayed shipping notification.

Each box also comes with a gift card, which can be redeemed for bottles of Heineken. The placeholder presents became available on December 10 and will remain on offer "for the two 3-day weekends before Christmas." As you might expect, all customers must be at least 21 years to order. But if shipping or supply problems delay the arrival of the box, will Heinek send you an "IOU an IOU" box?