Is Starbucks Open On New Year's Day 2022?

Imagine the following New Year's scenario. The ball dropped, the champagne popped, you toasted, you drank, you sang, you drank, you smooched, you drank some more. 2021 was put to bed. As were you. Chances are you are now tiptoeing into 2022 feeling less like the exuberant holiday cheerleader and more like the bedraggled pompon that lay in a heap with the rest of the glamorous holiday garb and festive flouncy stuff on your bedroom floor.

You need a cup of Joe. Not just any old cup of coffee will do, at this point. You need a decadent jug of your favorite sugar-laden, flavor-infused, holiday-inspired java treat. After all, it is still technically the holidays, right? If you're like many people, that favorite is the Peppermint Mocha, whose history has been described as a "love story" by the folks at Starbucks (via the Starbucks website). Though technically available all year, it's the all-time favorite holiday drink offered by the chain, and for avid fans, it might be the perfect way to launch New Year's Day and, indeed, the new year itself.

But as you are rolling out of bed and preparing for the requisite trip to your favorite Starbucks locale, panic strikes. Is it open on New Year's Day?

A sweet start to the new year?

Pause the panic button. According to Good Housekeeping, Starbucks should be on the first day of the new year in a lot of places. However, last year, a Starbucks spokesperson made it clear that you're better off you utilizing the Starbucks locator or your handy-dandy Starbucks app to make sure your local establishment is up and operating. While it would be convenient to provide a window of time you have to work with, of course, individual store hours may vary. And it would be absolutely crushing to make the drive to your locale of choice, with dreams of sugar plums (or reindeer cake pops) dancing in your head, only to find them closed, so best to check first. The internet is your friend. So is your phone. Use them.

If you are specifically interested in one of the Starbucks coffees or confections that are only offered up through the year's marathon of merriness, or you feel like you must still greet the day with the joyful red cup, best not linger. Though we have found no official end date for the holiday offerings, Bustle has estimated that based on previous years, Starbucks' festive beverages will probably be gone by the second week of January, when the countdown to the next red cup season begins.