Costco Shoppers Are Relating To This Hilarious Cake Meme

We've all been there — in the kitchen, with the midnight munchies, trying to get that last bite of chocolate cake that nobody had the good sense to finish off after dinner. Costco shoppers know how difficult it is to open their cake containers quietly, and a recent Reddit post has late-night fridge raiders laughing.

The post features a picture of Kirkland chocolate cake in a plastic Costco bakery clamshell that is easy enough to open in the daylight but locked tighter than Fort Knox in the dark of night. Redditor u/Sharp_White_Cheddar posted the picture, which says, "If you think fireworks are loud, try opening this late at night." 

Clearly, many fans of the decadent treat have been busted trying to do just that. As one user commented, "It's like a security device. 'You're not getting into that tuxedo cake, are you??? It's for the Johnsons!'" And with the post racking up 156 likes at this time of writing, it's apparent that many return trips to Costco have been made to replace a demolished dessert. A few users lamented that opening that the plastic container always alerts the kids to a parent trying to enjoy a moment of chocolate bliss. Others recall being forced to wolf down their cake under the watchful eye of their pets. Bronxbomberfan said, "My 85-year-old mother-in-law lives with us. That noise has woken me at 4 a.m. more than once." No matter when you're trying to sneak a bite, the whole house knows.

Reddit offers up solutions to sneak some cake

Something about a quiet house at night amplifies even the softest noise to an eleven, especially when attempting to polish off a slice of Costco tuxedo cake secured in its plastic container. Aside from empathizing with sneaky snackers, followers of this Reddit post offered up solutions to quietly get some chocolate cake satisfaction.

Redditor Asianabsinthe said, "Pro tip: Slice around the container with a flame hot knife," which is probably effective but maybe not the safest approach after rolling out of bed at 2 o' clock AM with cake on the brain. One user suggests getting ahead of the problem by transferring the cake to a Tupperware container as soon as you get home. Others recommend taking the cake to an undisclosed location and guiltily scarfing in peace. One user claims to take their cake to the basement, but badrobot2020 knows how to avoid the noisy situation altogether and says, "Pfft, eat it in the car in the parking lot."

No matter how you slice it, there's no way to get past these plastic containers without letting the whole house know about your late-night rendezvous with the last piece of chocolate cake. Everyone will find out, so grab a fork and go back for thirds!