McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Big Macs. Here's How To Get One

On December 13, the team behind the McDonald's Twitter account decided to go all out. "If [Mariah Carey] retweets this everyone gets a free Big Mac," the chain tweeted. Shortly afterwards, Carey did just that, writing on her own account, as she quoted the tweet, "You're welcome."

So, McDonald's made good on its pledge. In a follow-up post on Twitter, the chain explained that with a $1 minimum purchase, fans would get a free Big Mac when ordering through the McDonald's app. "Everyone gets a free Big Mac in the app (w/ a $1 min purchase) at participating McDonald's. valid 1x/day with $1 min. purchase (excl. tax) dec 13–24," the McDonald's tweet reads. 

And while that might sound like you can get a free big Mac every day from now until Christmas, the chain clarified that the "1x/day" is actually a reference to the chain's 12 Days of Deals in the McDonald's app. December 13's deal was the free Big Mac, but other free items (all with a $1 minimum purchase) will include the McChicken, the McDouble, and other McDonald's favorites.

Some may quibble that even if you include the dollar you'd likely spend on fries, a side, or a drink anyway, the free items aren't really free, as you still have to spend money. Plus, the deal seems exclusive to the United States. "Why doesn't Canada get this?" one disappointed Canadian McLover complained, sharing a picture of the McDonald's app that was noticeably lacking the free Big Mac.

The Mariah Menu has begun

Those who don't follow McDonald's news may be confused about this turn of events. Besides the Christmas connection, what does Mariah Carey have to do with the burger brand? Is someone on their social media team just that much of a fan?

While those could indeed be reasons, the main reason is that December 13 marks the first day of the Mariah Menu (PR Newswire). McDonald's explained in a November press release that the Mariah Menu would feature 12 days of free menu items. The first of these is the Big Mac. Later items will include the McChicken, a cheeseburger, and Chicken McNuggets.

It's worth noting here that each item will only be available as a freebie or, depending on your cynicism, a $1 deal for that day. Either way, McDonald's fans can indulge from now until the holiday with a slightly cheaper pre-Christmas feast.