The Best Places To Eat French Fries In Every State

The humble potato is really one of the most versatile crops on Earth, but perhaps no form of the potato is more widespread — and more beloved — than the French fry. The fry is thought to have originated in Belgium in the 1600s, but America has really adopted fries as a central facet of our culture. And we all have our favorites. No, it's not McDonald's or Five Guys, although those both showed up repeatedly in our research. There will always be fast food favorites, but there are crispy, pillowy fried potato goodness of all varieties to try. Some states even hang their hat on fry-inspired food inventions, like New Jersey's disco fries of the fry-stuffed sandwich at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh.

Some fry facts may surprise you. For example, we all know Idaho produces the most spuds, but it's actually their neighbor North Dakota that has an annual French fry festival. Whether you like them curly, thick, sweet, truffled, or topped, we've rounded up the best spot for french fries in every U.S. state. Who knew your frying liquid of choice, from duck fat to peanut oil, made such a difference?

Alabama: Carrigan's Public House

Starting off with a bang, each meal at Carrigan's comes with a side of house-cut fries. But the real deal at this trendy Birmingham pub are the loaded fries. These are not your mama's chili cheese fries. A savory combination of braised oxtail chili, smoked gouda cheese, house-made "hipster ranch," and jalapeños make these more of a meal than a forgotten side. Says Yelper Rebecca W., "Pro tip: get the loaded fries as your entree and don't let anybody judge you for eating a plate of fries for dinner." They also made's list of must-try fries in the state.

Alaska: Tommy's Burger Stop

This local Anchorage legend won the Anchorage Daily News' Best of Alaska Burger in 2019, but don't sleep on the accompanying fries. Reviewers rave about the Cajun seasoning that puts these dive-friendly fries over the edge. Pair with a signature Cajun-seasoned burger or one of the loaded specialty burger creations. Tommy's opened in 2002 and is in the trendy Spenard neighborhood of Anchorage, Alaska's biggest city. It pulls inspiration from New Orleans and Philadelphian cuisine, so you're sure to find a flavorful meal that's right for you.

Arizona: Zinc Bistro

This fine French bistro in Phoenix doesn't skimp on Southwest flavor. AZ Central's food critic describes the paprika-and-herb dusted frites as "tender and fresh" with a good hit of smokiness on both the fries and the aioli dipping sauce. A prix-fixe "Dinner for Two" at Zinc will run you $150, but the fancy fries are much more reasonable at just $6. Truffle and parmesan frites are available as well and cost $10 at both lunch and dinner. For a truly Parisian experience, the restaurant recommends you pair the truffle fries with a crisp glass of champagne.

Arkansas: Maddie's Place

Maddie's Place is beloved in Arkansas for their crispy, fried seafood, po-boys, and of, course perfect french fries. We trust a local reviewer best, and both Rock City Eats and AY Magazine rank these fries in their top ten for being perfectly thin and crispy and coming out in a generous portion. Round it out with fried alligator bites or lentil and red beans and rice at this funky, family-friendly Cajun and Creole joint. They recently reopened after an extended COVID-related closure.

California: In-N-Out

We said we'd stay away from fast food nominations, but there's an exception to every rule. In-N-Out fries are controversial (some think they're soggy and tasteless), but their impact on fast food can't be denied. In-N-Out started in California in 1948 and the "not-so-secret menu" has gained a cult following. All fries are hand-cut and fried in sunflower oil, so they're vegan friendly — unless you go animal style with fries topped with melted cheese, onions, and thousand-island secret sauce.

Colorado: Cuba Cuba

Fries are really one of the most versatile food vehicles out there. At Cuba Cuba, a popular local chain in Denver, mojo fries are the way to go. The Denver Post says these are perfect for garlic lovers, and they're thin-cut and served with housemade ketchup. Mojo sauce is typically made with garlic, oil, and citrus, and the fries get tossed and fried in that goodness as well as served with a side for dipping. This is one of the best places in Denver to get authentic Cuban food, which includes lots of beef and steak dishes, plantains, and more, all marinated and served with some more of that mojo. 

Connecticut: Jefferson Fry Co.

Jefferson Fry Co. is a burger joint that knows what the people are really here for. They have eighteen (!!!) types of fries on their menu, from cheesy fries with a choice of seven different cheeses to Greek fries topped with gyro meat, roasted red peppers, olives, and feta. Go with friends because it's going to be impossible to choose just one fry dish to order. Oh, and who can beat a Fry-day deal: Every Friday, one of their specialty fry creations is FREE with any purchase! 

Delaware: Matt's Fish Camp

Delaware is all about its beach towns and seafood, especially crab. Matt's Fish Camp in Lewes is a popular seafood spot that combines its signature dish with fried potatoes for a steamy, crabby, flavorful dish. The Crabby Fries cost $11 and include Old Bay Fondue. It was Yelp's top pick for fries in the state, according to Business Insider. Yelper Darin K. says, "I upgraded from regular fries to Crabby Fries and that is the best $5 investment I have made in a longggg time."

Florida: Hot Dog Heaven

These simple, classic fries caught the attention of a Reddit thread about the best fries in Orlando. Hot Dog Heaven is a local staple serving Chicago-style hot dogs, and the relatively simple menu includes some middle-of-the-road, not too thin, not too thick, crispy-yet-soft fries. Several Yelp reviews also call out how hot the fries are, so you know they're fresh. Robert W. sums it up: "The fries are crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, best fries in Orlando."

Georgia: Slutty Vegan

Atlanta's Slutty Vegan is a buzzy, saucy, Black-owned and operated all plant-based restaurant. They make indulgent, stacked burgers made with Impossible meat, all served with either crinkle-cut or straight fries sprinkled with "slut dust," a savory and secret spice mix. This place has a huge social media following and has gotten lots of press attention, so go see what all the fuss is about if you're in Atlanta. There are three locations and a roving food truck that posts daily updates on Instagram on its whereabouts.

Hawaii: Mahaloha Burger

Foursquare ranks Mahaloha Burger as some of the best fries in the whole state of Hawaii. They're probably best known for the Loco Moco Burger, a modern Hawaiian staple of white rice, hamburger, and a fried egg. Pair that with Mahaloha's crispy sweet potato fries and you've got a perfect island match. They also have a fry-riffic take on Hawaiian pupu (a Hawaiian platter of small appetizers) with cheese and bacon fries or Parmaroni fries topped with pepperoni and parmesan cheese for a pizza-esque experience. 

Idaho: Boise Fry Co.

Considering Idaho is the potato capital of the world, this was a tough one to narrow down. But you know a restaurant dedicated to one thing better do it well, and that's the deal at Boise Fry Co. Their tagline is "burgers on the side," and the fry combination options boast six types of potatoes, five different cuts (homestyle, curly, shoestring, "po'balls"), nine scrumptious dipping sauces, and even different styles of salt to complement each fry. This may invite decision fatigue, in which case you can't go wrong with the Bourgeois fries, fried in duck fat and sprinkled with imported black truffle salt. Droool. 

Illinois: Friistyle

Friistyle is a buzzy black-owned restaurant in Bronzeville serving up classic Belgian pomme frites — with a major twist. These are FULL MEALS on top of the perfect crispy twice-fried fry, and the typical rules of fry topping definitely need not apply. There's chicken Alfredo fries, Caribbean shrimp, jerk salmon, and more, or you can keep it simple with a variety of inventive house-made sauces like Smoked Goudineero Cheese, jerk ranch, and balsamic glaze. Friistyle launched as a pop-up in 2017 and moved into a permanent location in 2018.

Indiana: HopCat

Redditors are raving about HopCat where you can get Cosmik Fries (previously known as crack fries, updated to keep with the times), which even made Food Network's top ten fries in America back in 2015. You can get them O.G. — beer-battered, sprinkled with black pepper, and served with cheese sauce — or loaded with bacon and jalapeños. HopCat is a beer bar from Michigan, but Indianapolis is its first location outside of its home state. Listen to this Yelp reviewer: "GET THE FRIES! If you learn nothing else from this review, it's that HopCat has THE BEST fries I think I've ever had (and definitely don't skip out on the beer cheese sauce)."

Iowa: Django

Duck fat is the true upper crust of French fry frying material, as it brings out depth and layers of flavor. The duck frites at Des Moines' Django fully embrace the indulgence. Travel Iowa says they're perfectly greasy and served with fancy-schmancy sauces like béarnaise, harissa aioli, and curry ketchup. They even rank at number #43 nationally on this Daily Meal ranking. And the Des Moines Register food critic sums it up poetically: "not quite shoestring but skinny, crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside, just salty enough." Make your meal super French by upgrading your steak frites or moules frites to the duck fat version.

Kansas: Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que

This local Kansas City legend opened in a gas station in 1996 and has been a favorite ever since, now with three locations and nationwide shipping, though the fries don't make the trek. The Kansas City Star ran a bracket for best french fries in the city, and this spot took the cake. They also break down exactly what makes them great: They're fried skin-on and then coated in a barbecue-inspired mix of salt, brown sugar, garlic, onion, paprika, and beef flavor.

Kentucky: Hammerheads

Hammerheads, a local upscale BBQ chain in the Louisville area, elevates typical finger-lickin' French fries with a deep fry in duck fat. Don't worry, they stick to their down-South roots with the Grippo fries, flavored with a sweet and spicy barbecue seasoning. Yelper Kevin C. sums it up, "The seasoning was delightful. It was like they took those chips, ground them up and sprinkled them on the fries, yum!" The restaurant also serves inventive taco combinations as well as truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and garlic and herb fries. 

Louisiana: Arnaud's

Thrillist explains this French fry variation as "puffed sticks of air-light potato-ey delight." Arnaud's, one of the oldest and classiest French restaurants in New Orleans, serves these pommes soufflées, and we just had to include them. They are typically sliced thin, fried twice, and puff up into puffy little pillows. The 100-year-old restaurant itself is a classic Nola experience in the heart of Bourbon Street and offers romantic dinners with a live jazz soundtrack.

Maine: Duckfat

We know we've been espousing the benefits of frying in duck fat for a while now, but this Maine sandwich shop, Duckfat, really hangs their hat on the superior frying liquid. It made the top tive of the Daily Meal's 2017 national ranking, which cites their James Beard-award winning chef as the brains behind the crispy, perfectly seasoned fries, served with your choice of eight dipping sauces. The Belgian-style frites are so popular in Portland, they spawned a walk-up spin-off, Duckfat Frites Shack.

Maryland: Thrasher's

Thrasher's is a classic beachfront fry shack with a storied history. It opened in 1929 in Ocean City and has had a line down the boardwalk ever since. Thrasher's takes potato quality very seriously and imports thousands and thousands of pounds of the humble spud from Idaho, then pre-soak them before cutting them with a specially designed machine. They're generously salted and served in a giant iconic bucket with one of the most classic and simple accompaniments, apple cider vinegar. The tangy and salty taste is perfect for beach weather, summer after summer.

Massachusetts: Local Burger

The good journalists at Mass Live tested ten top-ranked fry joints in the state, and the trendy college town Northampton in western Mass boasts the top two contenders. Local Burger, with its simple and affordable dishes sourced from local farms, came out on top. Mass Live's reviewers describe them as simple, with salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning. If you're in a sweet mood, try the sweet potato fries with maple mayo for a heartwarming New England combo.

Michigan: Midland Burger Co.

The dedicated reviewers of Michigan Live tried a whopping 44 fries in the state. We have to take their word for it that Midland Burger Co., a local chain, is the best in the state. The fries are so popular they sell out many days! It opened as a food truck and has since opened an additional location in the Midland Mall. The truck roams around in the summer and comes out for special events, but you may not find it as much through Michigan's tough winters, so it's a good thing there's a new indoor location to satisfy your fry craving. 

Minnesota: Band Box Diner

The Band Box Diner has a long history and timeless charm. Fries are not relegated to a side dish at Band Box. One popular menu item, the Lunch Box, is a hearty burger topped with hot shoestring fries placed right on the patty. Juicy burger and crispy fries, all in one bite? Benius! Oh, and if the iconic diner looks familiar, even if you've never been to Minnesota? It made in appearance in The Mighty Ducks 2.

Mississippi: Keifer's Restaurant

Keifer's regularly wins various categories in the "Best of Jackson," including Best Hangover Food and Best Fries, which, let's be honest, are pretty much the same category, no? The Mediterranean restaurant serves a variety of gyro and pita sandwiches, but they are best known for their cottage fries, which are really just a whole potato sliced thin lengthwise. Those come topped with the accompanying feta dressing that's so popular, it's bottled and sold on its own. 

Missouri: Big E's BBQ

Hand-cut straight or curly fries are the best accompaniment to Big E's BBQ's famous ribs, according to Missouri Life. The Kennett, Missouri, barbecue pit starts with a quality potato, of course, chilled after cutting and then deep-fried. Workers usually cut potatoes twice a day, so you know these babies are fresh. Get 'em as a side dish to the tender meat of your choosing or meld barbecue with fry life with the "French Fry Plate," served with barbecue sauce, meat, and cheese.

Montana: The Montana Club

The Hoagieville Cheese Fries at the Montana Club won The Great Falls Tribune's best fries in 2018 for a pretty indisputable reason: "People love fries, and people love cheese," said Great Falls manager Tyrel Thurston. The Montana Club also has locations throughout the state, in Billings, Kalispell, Missoula, and Butte. Order a "huge platter" of the "secretly spiced indulgence" as an appetizer or right on top of your beef patty on the Cheese Fry Burger. These cottage-cut, cheese-drenched fries are certainly a local celebrity in their own right.

Nebraska: Dario's

Dario's is an upscale Belgian brasserie in Omaha, and it won accolades for its fries everywhere from Reddit to the defining verdict of the Omaha World-Herald. You know by now that we love Belgian-style frites, which are thin and crispy with a varied texture thanks to being fried with some skin on. A Redditor has this hot tip: "order them with the blue cheese mussels and use them to mop up all that sweet, sweet blue cheese, butter, mussel sauce."

Nevada: Beefy's

Beefy's in Reno is known for jaw-dropping, over-the-top burgers. We're talking, like, chicken on top of pastrami on top of bacon on top of onion rings on a burger. The fries, by contrast, are simple, with just this menu description: "Shoestring fries." But this spot is known for going above and beyond doesn't stop there, of course. You can get chili cheese fries, parmesan and herb fries, pizza fries, poutine, and a variety of other "fries" in the pickle, zucchini, and onion variety. The garlic fries are a favorite, with a generous helping of minced garlic thrown right on top, so be warned.

New Hampshire: Wing Itz

Wing-Itz, a "wing butcher" in Portsmouth, won one of the top spots in New Hampshire's list best fries in 2016 and came in second place in 2020, after a very heated and scientific debate in the Facebook comments of WMUR-TV. The outcome proves that the restaurant is continuing to to wow with some truly crispy fries and unique sauces. The fries are hand-cut to half an inch thick and served with your choice of seasonings and toppings, from "fire cider" to curry mayo to bacon jam. You can also find the famous fries at Wing-Itz locations in Dover and Newmarket.

New Jersey: Tick Tock Diner

Fries are really just a humble canvas anyone can paint a masterpiece on, and New Jersey has done that with the invention of disco fries. Sort of an American take on poutine with brown gravy and melted mozzarella, Tick Tock Diner in Clifton, New Jersey, is widely credited as one of the originators of disco fries. Tick Tock Diner has even been featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. The steaming hot disco fries are best enjoyed after a late night.

New Mexico: Jake's Cafe

New Mexicans love their green hatch chile and will put it on just about anything. For a true Southwest experience, head to Jake's Cafe in Las Cruces, New Mexico, and order the green chile cheese fries, smothered with green enchilada sauce and cheese. They may just be the best fries you ever taste in your life since they have a bit of a kick. With a 4.4-star rating from Google, you know you can't go wrong.

New York: Taffy's Red Hots

Sure, New York City is home to dozens of top-rated fries. But we're diving deep into western New York, where Taffy's of Orchard Park has been serving hot dogs, milkshakes, and hand-cut fries for over 70 years. They make amazingly long curly fries along with dozens of milkshakes and other "summer comfort foods." They're only open for the summer season, and they pioneered outdoor dining before it was mandatory. Numerous Yelpers mention the "gliders," a.k.a. wooden porch-swing-like seating. Try to find the longest fry in your basket and top it with a squirt of vinegar from a nearby spray bottle.

North Carolina: Al's Burger Shack

Crinkle cut may be toward the bottom of most people's fry preference, but at least some Carolinans believe it deserves another chance. The News & Observer calls Al's Burger Shack in Chapel Hill the best crinkle cuts in the region, simply prepared with salt and rosemary. Angelina S. on Yelp says, "The fries are what stood out to me the most. Classic crinkle-cut with some salt and pepper — plain, but satisfying." There's plenty of texture variation in the crinkle, and Al's carries a fun, fresh, and local vibe with everything it serves.

North Dakota: JL Beers

North Dakota may be the only state on this list to actually host a French fry festival. It's called the Potato Bowl, and it's held in Grand Forks every year in conjunction with a big college football game. Tons of hot, fresh fries are served up for free. If you're not there in September for the Potato Bowl, JL Beers has locations throughout North Dakota, and people say not to sleep on their fries. Again, toppings rule: You can go simple with sea salt, Cajun, jalapeño cheddar, dill pickle, BBQ, or parmesan garlic seasonings. Or dress it up with bleu cheese. You can also get any of these flavorings on their fresh-cut potato chips, which is really just a fry in another form. 

Ohio: Melt Bar and Grilled

Melt Bar and Grilled is a mini-empire in Ohio, mostly known for its shocking grilled cheese concoctions, but the fries are the perfect accompaniment to that creamy masterpiece. Classic fries come with every grilled cheese order, or you can shift gears and go for the hangover fries — topped with pulled pork, cheese, gravy, and a fried egg. Spoon University named them the best in Ohio. And Kim D. on Yelp says, "The Hangover Fries are a meal within themselves and to die for."

Oklahoma: Tucker's Onion Burgers

The fries on the menu at Tucker's Onion Burger are refreshingly classic, so said by the Oklahoma Gazette. After all the seasonings and toppings and new shapes, these straightforward fries are crispy and tender. The restaurant reports that the potatoes are hand-selected, hand-cut, and fried in peanut oil, also a classic that many places have since shied away from due to food allergy concerns. An Echo reviewer also points out that the fries are only $2.59, but the portion size can be described as a "bucket," so you're getting your money's worth. The onion burger, by the way, is a local classic that originated during the Great Depression.

Oregon: Killer Burger

It should come as no surprise that a lot of restaurants with great burgers also back it up with their fries. Killer Burger, with locations all over Oregon, is one such location, notable for burgers like the Peanut Butter Pickle burger. But every burger comes with not only a side of fries but a side of crispy bacon as well. The fries made Eater's list of best fries in Portland, so you know they're gonna be good.

Pennsylvania: Primanti Bros.

Another famous food that's done genius new things with French fries, Primanti Bros is known throughout Pittsburgh and beyond for putting french fries in its stacked sandwiches. The legend goes that a potato purveyor brought a truckload of potatoes to the restaurant, the chef fried them up and threw some on the sandwiches, and the truck drivers that frequented the joint loved it because they could eat it all on the go. The one-hand wonder is world-famous, but the local reporters at Patch Pittsburgh know the fries can stand up on their own as well. 

Rhode Island: Friskie Fries

This fry shack is full of attitude, personality, and fries on fries on fries. There are 12 "dressed" fries on the menu, topped with themed treats from fried chicken and buffalo sauce to whipped cream and sprinkles. If that's a little too much for you, try an undressed fry variety with seasonings. The menu is constantly changing, and with several locations around, you'll never be far from a decadent crispy snack.

South Carolina: Grill Marks

We appreciate The State for making this an easy decision. Grill Marks, a bistro with locations throughout the state, gives you the luxury of making one less choice in your day by serving a platter of fries three ways. There are skinny fries, fat fries, truffle parm, and sweet potato varieties. Then they kick it up a notch with loaded fries, chowder-topped fries, and crowd favorite blue cheese and pimento cheese fries. Pimento cheese is a staple in the south and melts perfectly over a bed of crispy skinny fries. 

South Dakota: TapHouse 41

When KS00 radio surveyed its Facebook Fans to find the best fries in Sioux Falls, four of the top seven were national fast food chains (McDonald's and Dairy Queen), and one was our pick for the Northern Dakota neighbor. So we narrowed it down to Taphouse 41, a pub featuring beers, burgers, and bourbon. The fries might not fit in with the b-word theme, but they're good (and fancy) nonetheless, fried in duck fat and topped with parmesan salt. Bethany B. sums it up, "If you go here and don't get the duck fat fries, you are doing it wrong." 

Tennessee: Riverside Grillshack and Über-Tuber Hand-Cut Fries

The Tennessean calls the hand-cut fries at Riverside Grillshack and Über-Tuber Hand-Cut Fries the best in Nashville. On top of that, Über-Tuber is just a blast to say. The potato strips are lightly seasoned with just salt, pepper, and garlic. They're included with all sandwich orders and come with a variety of delicious dipping sauces (on the menu under "Tired of Ketchup?")

Texas: Rodeo Goat

Rodeo Goat is a Texas-wide hot spot jazzing up your boring "fries for the table" order. You can get hand-punched (that's a new one) fries along with one of a dozen creative burgers. But the fun part is the cheese fries surprise, which will include a topping of the chef's choosing, often chili cheese or chorizo, according to Eater and Yelp. This makes dining an experience, along with the weekly "Battle of the Burgers," where two patty concoctions go head to head. An order equals a vote, so choose wisely for your burger candidate! 

Utah: BYU Creamery

Ok, so "fry sauce" is the state condiment of Utah. It's just mayonnaise and ketchup mixed together, but it was "invented" by a Utah fast food chain in the 1940s and has been a point of state pride ever since. So we have the dipping sauce down, but as for the fries themselves? Let's keep the Utah pride going with a visit to the BYU Creamery in Provo. The Herald Extra starts their list off with these simple and fresh fries. The Creamery is an ice cream parlor/grocery store that's part of the Brigham Young University's Dining Services. If you ever dipped your McDonald's french fries in your soft serve as a kid, this just might be the spot for you.

Vermont: Al's French Frys

This one's not even a contest. Al's French Frys has been serving burgers, shakes, and fries from a roadside stand since the 1940s. It won best fries in the state in 2018 by Seven Days, an independent Vermont newspaper, which says they're fresh and crispy thanks to being hand-cut and fried twice. USA Today even named them a "Great American Bite" back in 2013. They're served by the cup, pint, or quart, so you can choose the fry to match your craving. A simple slate of add-ons include gravy, cheese, or chili for a small extra fee. 

Virginia: Bens Chili Bowl

So Ben's is a Washington, D.C., institution, but there's a location in Arlington, Virginia, now and they deserve a spot on this list. This 60-year-old Black-owned restaurant celebrates the African-American history of the D.C. region and has been visited by countless icons, including none other than President Barack Obama. Ok, on to the food: It's known best for its chili, of course, served on top of hot dogs and half-smokes (A DC hot-dog-esque specialty). Of course you're gonna get the chili cheese fries to get the true Ben's experience on top of the perfect crispy crunchy bed.

Washington: Katsu Burger

The state of Washington is known for its excellent seafood and Asian cuisine, thanks to its location on the Pacific Northwest coast. Katsu Burger is a local chain known for Japanese fusion, tonkatsu-style (aka deep-fried) burgers. The fries bring in Japanese cuisine as well, with the dried seaweed-spiced Nori fries being a crowd favorite. You can also try curry powder or 12-spice blend fries. You can find this restaurant featured in Eater, King 5's, and The Stranger's list of best fries in Seattle.  

West Virginia: Sam's Uptown Cafe

Charleston loves its cheese fries, and the most popular are the PG Fries from Sam's Uptown Cafe, a friendly and welcoming downtown pub. You can get your fries plain or with toppings. According to the Charleston Gazette-Mail, the creation came about by accident when customer asked for chili cheese fries, and the chef created the closest thing he could. They were a poorly kept secret until 2016 when they officially showed up on the menu. 

Wisconsin: Camino

Most of us know Wisconsin for its dairy production and cheese curds, but it's apparently one of the largest purveyors of potatoes in the United States. An On Milwaukee reviewer rated the garlic parmesan fries at Camino the best in the city. Camino is known for burgers, sandwiches, and an impressive beer list, all of which go great with thin, crispy, perfectly seasoned fries. Each meal here is served with your choice of multiple sides, from Brussels sprouts to beet salad, but we know we're always going for the fries.

Wyoming: The Crowbar and Grill

The Crowbar and Grill serves up classic American food in the college town of Laramie. Their fries get some extra attention though, tying for first place on a very diligently researched list from Her Campus. But we're here to discuss: Pad. Thai. Fries. These are the most famous of the Crowbar fries and come with a sweet and spicy peanut-based pad Thai sauce on top. Not something we would have thought of, but it sounds delicious nonetheless. In that same vein, you can try bulgogi fries (Korean beef and kimchi) or the more commonly seen parmesan truffle fries or gravy-topped poutine.