The Heartwarming Reason Twitter Is Calling This Kentucky Griller A Hero

Leisha Doran, owner of Good News Shoppe in Mayfield, Kentucky, said the whole town exuded a sparkle of merriment during the day on Friday, December 10th. "Everybody was so happy. We were singing and laughing and having a good time," Doran said (via CNN). That night, life in Mayfield would change forever after a tornado left utter destruction in its wake. Not only was Doran's shop destroyed, but so were most other buildings in the small community, including historic churches and the city hall. "It'll never look the same. The whole town is gone," said resident Steven Elder. It was among the devastating scenes that played out when 50 or more tornadoes ravaged parts of the U.S.

According to Newsweek, President Biden said during a press conference that "this is likely to be one of the largest tornado outbreaks in our history." Many Mayfield residents were left desolate, unhoused, and without basic necessities like food and water. But through the storm of pain shone a small sliver of hope in the form of Jim Finch, just a simple, everyday man who pulled up into the center of town with a truck full of food and a grill.

When disaster hits, look for the heroes like Jim Finch

When journalist Victor Ordoñez came across Finch cooking among the rubble, he interviewed him and posted the video on Twitter, which quickly spread, attracting the attention of normal citizens and celebrities around the country alike (via Newsweek). Finch said he had brought "simple" food like hamburgers and sausage, humbly sharing he saw a need and just did what "needed to be done." "I know they don't have electricity, so that means they don't have any restaurants, no running water so I just figured I would do what I could do, show up with some food and some water," Finch said. 

Tito Jackson, CEO of Verdant Medical, retweeted Ordoñez's post, captioning it, "Be like Jim Finch. Heroes don't always wear capes." Imgur also chimed in with comments in support of Finch's act of kindness and integrity. "Nothing but love and respect for this man and the helpers like him," wrote one user while another stated succinctly yet profoundly, "I'd be proud to call you my brother." May we all learn something about humanity and compassion from Jim Finch.