What The Internet Thinks Oreo's New 2022 Flavors Will Be

Many snack fans love Oreo cookies but few remember the weirder flavors that have graced grocery store shelves over the years. According to Spoon University, Banana Split, Blueberry Pie, Swedish Fish, and Fruit Punch Oreos all failed to catch on but made waves thanks to their outlandish flavors. With any luck, the cookie brand's new flavors will be a step above these unconventional creations.

Over on Twitter, Oreo shared a pixelated, blurred image of two new flavors that the brand plans to announce soon and fans immediately started guessing as to what the new products might be. Burger King immediately jumped in and replied with, "kinda looks like a bun at least the first one." Others replied with speculations like "Sigh, I want it to be Banana so flippin' bad, but it doesn't look like it will be," and "Peanut butter? I dunno, but thank you for gracing us with gluten free oreos. They're wonderful." 

Others started guessing wildly, commenting, "Toasted Marshmallow? Hot Fudge Sundae? Caramel Praline ? Coconut Pecan? Chocolate Waffle Cone ? Cocoa Eclair ? Mocha Chip? Biscotti? Teddy Graham Cookie ?" While these rapid guesses might have hit the mark, users over on another social media platform had a more nuanced take on the teased image.

Oreo flavor speculation has lit up the internet

Oreo also posted the same blurred image on Instagram and captioned the post with text reading, "Announcing 2 new flavors tomorrow, RSVP to our Twitter Space so you don't miss it." Replies flooded in, with gems including, "The 1st one kinda looks like a s'more to me, I mean I can't think of anything else that looks like that," and "Peanut butter and chocolate cream." Others said, "Brownie and peanut butter" and "hot cocoa," but fans need to wait just a little longer for the cookie brand to reveal what it truly has in store.

If you can't get enough of all the Oreo flavors, including Swedish Fish and fruit punch, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement. With any luck, the brand might just strike gold and find a new winning product that can last longer than their banana split or blueberry pie flavors.