In 2022, We'll All Be Eating A Lot Of Pizza Cones

It's really no secret that people love pizza. One study found that the average American will eat about 6,000 slices over their lifetime (per Thrillist). There's no shortage of carryout pizza chains, from Papa John's to Domino's, and you'll find at least a pie or two at almost every party or tailgate you ever attend. With something for everyone — whether you prefer classic cheese, meaty pepperoni, or something more unique like buffalo chicken — and that crave-worthy combination of carbs and fat, it's no surprise that pizza is a favorite food among so many of us.

While you likely think of pizza as ... well, pizza, it turns out that there's a more unique way to satisfy your craving — and it's about to be one of the hottest food trends in the coming year. Yelp recently released its annual report, "The Food and Dining Trends of 2022," and among one of its predictions is the rise of the pizza cone. Here's what you need to know about the bizarre new method of eating pizza.

Pizza cones have actually been around for years

If you have no idea what the heck a pizza cone is, it's quite simple: a slice of pizza in cone form. Giordano's explains that it is a "fast-casual take on pizza" that delivers all of the flavor with less of the mess. You start with traditional pizza crust, which is rolled up into a cone shape and then stuffed with the toppings of your choice, including tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and the like. It may not be well-known yet, but it's a food trend that's likely to take off in the coming months. According to Yelp, Google searches for pizza cones have increased 51% over the past year.

While pizza cones sound like something from the future, they've actually been around for decades. The New Yorker covered the pizza cone craze in the Big Apple back in 2010 (tracing its origins to 1987), and Giordano's even reports that a patent for the conical slice was filed in the 1980s. No matter when it was invented, it looks like it's here to stay.