Costco Shoppers Can't Wait To Try These Canned Ginger Mules

"Mule" cocktails are referred to as such because of the kick delivered by their combination of three puckery elements: a spirit, lime juice, and ginger beer, which is non-alcoholic and has been compared to ginger ale because of its ginger flavor and fizzy sweetness that comes from natural fermentation, according to Advanced Mixology. In a Moscow mule, the spirit is vodka, and the first word of its name stems from vodka's cultural associations with Russia. Although you can make a mule with virtually any spirit, including bourbon, the vodka-based Moscow is the original. In fact, it doesn't get more classic than the Smirnoff-based Moscow mule, according to Copper Drinking Mugs. 

Although a mule is traditionally served in a copper mug, that is by no means a requirement. You know what else isn't a requirement? Making the drink yourself! According to a recent post from Costco super-fan Instagram account, @costcobuys, the warehouse chain is now selling canned craft ginger mules from the cocktail manufacturer, Reed's Mule, for $24.99 per 12-pack of 12-ounce cans. Based on their comments, the Costco shoppers of Instagram can't wait to try these canned two-buck mules.

Costco shoppers have no time to waste in getting their hands on these canned ginger mules

Quite a few Costco shoppers would appear to be assembling their copper mugs, mint sprigs, and lime wedges in anticipation of Costco's new 12-packs of canned ginger mules, judging from their comments on @costcobuys' Instagram post. Lightly spiced and keto-friendly, according to manufacturer Reed's Mule, the zero-sugar canned drink delivers its kick with a combination of fresh ginger root, lime, and a distilled spirit that presumably has the clean flavor profile of vodka (although vodka doesn't appear to be an ingredient). At 7% ABV, it's in the same boozy category as hard seltzer.

"This is the ultimate ready to drink, shelf stable's so good! Plus these will be a hit at holiday parties!" touts @costcobuys. The caption goes on to state that the drinks are only available at Costco stores in Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. If you're lucky enough to live in those states and want a case of these canned mules, time may well be of the essence: Most comments err on the side of, "We need to try these!!" with several users tagging their friends. In other words, if you don't get on this now, you may end up "kicking" yourself!