Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its New 1-Pound Chocolate Bar

Chocolate has long been associated with the eight days of Hanukkah, thanks to the Jewish custom of giving milk chocolate coins (gelt) as gifts, especially to children. It's also one of the first things many people think of in connection with Easter, thanks to all the chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and chocolate everything else. Chocolate has also come to be associated with Christmas, according to Planete Chocolat. That could have something to do with why Trader Joe's has chosen to introduce a new and utterly enormous (over 1 pound!) chocolate bar that is positively oozing with caramel, pretzel bits, and sea salt.

"I picked this up in last weeks haul," posted Trader Joe's fan account @traderjoeslist to Instagram, including a photo of the newly available Trader Joe's Pound Plus Milk Chocolate Bar. Per the caption, the 1.6-pound confection is available for $4.99 per bar. In addition to weighing in at 17.6 ounces, Trader Joe's new and aptly named Pound Plus bar is also great for baking into cookies and brownies, according to @traderjoeslist. Needless to say, Trader Joe's fans are freaking out just a bit. Or maybe more than a bit.

OK, Trader Joe's fans are full-on freaking over these new chocolate bars

Trader Joe's fans are freaking out over its new chocolate item, and how could they not when what we're talking about is a 1-pound chocolate bar that actually weighs closer to a pound and a quarter? And what's not to love? From the comments, it would appear the answer to that would be "nothing," albeit with one exception. If you're a member of team dark chocolate, then you might be inclined to stick with, say, TJ's dark chocolate peanut butter cups or minty holiday chocolate stars, as some commenters on @traderjoeslist's Instagram post said the milk chocolate is on the sweeter side. Also, there's this one other thing we should probably mention. 

Instagram user Alicia Ann (aka @Stlwinebrat) pointed out that the Pound Plus bar "disappears" from the pantry "2 squares at a time," presumably because of how irresistible it is. While the user warns, "Do not buy it" followed by four exclamation points, we'll take our chances and try this new chocolate treat. After all, perhaps they wrote what they wrote because they wanted to keep all of these Trader Joe's chocolate bars for themselves!