Trader Joe's Fans Think These Holiday Chocolates Taste Like Thin Mints

What favorite Trader Joe's holiday treat are you most excited for this year? Topping our list are the Candy Cane Chocolate Almonds, the Peppermint Meringues, Vegan Mint Chip Bon Bons, and, of course, Candy Cane Joe-Joe's cookies. 

You may have picked up on a theme here: An unabashed love for the mint-infused goodies that Trader Joe's brings us for this festive season — we just can't resist them! And along with the returning favorites, they manage to come up with new ones each year, like blending Candy Cane Joe-Joe's into ice cream. And if you are a mint lover, particularly if you swoon for mint-chocolate anything, then make sure you add these little seasonal treats to your cart the next time you head to TJ's: Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars. 

Grab one box to give as a gift, and then 10 more to stash away for yourself (trust us, you'll be grateful you did when the holidays end and these treats disappear from shelves!). According to shoppers, here's what makes these little mint-infused chocolate cookies so incredibly special.

The serving size is sooo satisfying

Instagrammers are delighted to see Trader Joe's Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars back in stores: @TraderJoesFoodReviews shares on their IG page a box they recently found with the description, "minty chocolate shortbread cookies enrobed in dark chocolate."  

This user stated that even if you're not a shortbread cookie fan, you'll be pleasantly surprised with these: "They basically taste like Thin Mints but better! The mint pairs so well with the dark chocolate." The stars are similar to Girl Scouts Thin Mints (that is, chocolate cookies dipped in mint-flavored chocolate, according to the Girl Scouts website), but the Trader Joe's Mint cookies are tinier bites, dotted with fun, white nonpareil candies. 

That size difference is perhaps what we love most of all about these Trader Joe's cookies, and not just because their diminutive appearance makes them super cute — it also means you can get more of them in a single serving. The official serving size for the round, Girl Scouts Thin Mints is just 4 cookies (not an entire sleeve, contrary to popular belief or practice). When you crack open the box of Trader Joe's Mini Dark Chocolate Mint Stars, on the other hand, you can feel like you're really indulging: The serving size listed on the package is 13 cookies. 

One commenter on the @TraderJoesKitchen Instagram page has a warning, though. "Stay away ... you will eat the whole box in one day," they wrote. Truthfully, though, when it comes to satisfying our mint chocolate love? We're 100 percent willing to risk it!