This Wendy's Manager Used A Bullhorn To Repel A Karen

According to the BBC, a Karen is "the kind of person who demands to 'speak to the manager' in order to belittle service industry workers." Sadly, Karen videos documenting these customers being rude, downright nasty, and even threatening toward restaurant employees are a dime a dozen on the internet. In one such video filmed at a McDonald's, a woman pounded the protective shield between her and the cashier, demanding her money back. In another, a Starbucks customer told staff she would never be returning to the location after she was denied service because the coffee shop was closed. 

Comments pour in on these kinds of videos, many of which are in support of the restaurant staff and critical of the Karens. However, it seems as if no matter how much bad publicity these Karens get for their actions, they still feel entitled, and they keep returning to their demanding ways without so much as a flip of that signature Karen haircut.

Wendy's manager handles Karen customer in a genius way

A new Karen video has hit TikTok, this time recorded by a woman who goes to a Wendy's after calling to find out what the restaurant's hours are. It begins with her standing at the counter, demanding to talk to the manager she had spoken to on the phone (who allegedly hung up on her) while another employee tells her she isn't allowed to be filming. When the manager does appear, he reiterates that recording inside the restaurant is prohibited and threatens to call the police if the Karen doesn't leave. 

"Can you explain why you were so rude and nasty and mean to me on the phone when I asked you a simple question?" the woman asks the manager, who then does something brilliant. He pulls out a light-up bullhorn and points it toward the woman, the siren wailing. "Now, since you're recording, you have it on record that you have been asked to leave, and the police know you have been asked to leave, and we have witnesses. You are not welcome on these premises," the manager says. Comments rained in, with many users applauding the manager's actions. "Leave these hard working people alone," wrote one TikToker, while another commented, "Normalize throwing unruly customers out EVERY time."