Why Gordon Ramsay Hates Getting Special Treatment In Restaurants

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is easy to recognize no matter where he goes. The chef has managed to build a solid reputation for himself over the years, after all. When it comes to his favorite food, the chef is partial to a traditional English Breakfast (via Insider.) He once remarked, "I stand by it. I swear by it. And it is one meal that I would ever eat as a last supper."

Also, don't be surprised if you spot the chef digging into a burger at In-N-Out. He enjoys grabbing a meal at the fast food outlet every now and then. He said that he really wants London to open In-N-Out locations. "I wish that they were set up in London because if there's one thing I miss flying out of LA, it's an In-N-Out Burger," he admitted to the Sunday Mail, via Insider.

And what is Ramsay like as a guest at an eatery? Per Bon Appetit, he doesn't mind maintaining a low profile and doesn't want people to focus too much on him.

Gordon Ramsay wants things to be a little different

Gordon Ramsay really doesn't want the kind of attention he gets when he's dining out. He told Bon Appetit that he keeps getting offered more dishes than he bargained for whenever he eats at a restaurant. Ramsay said, "Grateful for it, but sometimes I just want to sit in the corner of a restaurant and eat two courses. If I don't taste it, it looks rude."

There's more to this: If Ramsay ends up eating everything he's served, the chefs expect him to offer feedback. He doesn't always want to do that. There are times when Ramsay would prefer to sit back, relax, and savor the flavors without worrying about anything else. Also, the chef has an ulterior motive. Per The Guardian, when he steps outside for some grub, Ramsay wants to figure what other chefs are serving at their restaurants; It helps him keep track of trends in the food industry.