Blaze Pizza Is Testing Out A New Ranch Drizzle. Here's Where To Try It

The popular California-based chain Blaze Pizza has exciting news for its fans in 2022. Few things go together better than pizza and ranch dressing, and Blaze Pizza has announced it will be partnering with the natural condiment brand Primal Kitchen to release a new ranch finishing drizzle. Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing is intended to deliver the rich, creamy, flavorful experience of ranch dip but is made with avocado oil, organic egg yolks, and is Keto-friendly, according to Chew Boom. And that's not all there is to know about Primal Kitchen drizzle. 

Primal Kitchen's products are made with natural, real ingredients and are free of gluten, grains, dairy, soy, and added sugar (via QSR Magazine). The new Primal Kitchen Ranch drizzle is set to launch in 2022 on National Keto Day, January 5. However, it will only be released at 28 participating Blaze Kitchen locations throughout seven select markets in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, and New York City.

The new Primal Kitchen Ranch Dressing will only be available for a limited time

Some Blaze Pizza fans seem to be looking forward to the arrival of the new condiment. One of them even posted about the new partnership with Primal Kitchen on Reddit, and other users had positive reactions to the news. "A really greasy pepperoni pizza with ranch to cut that is one of my favorite combos," a Reddit user replied, while another remarked "Good for Blaze. I hope more restaurants move away from seed oil based dressings and sauces." However, not everyone has supported the collab, as one commenter was decidedly not a fan of Primal Kitchen's dressing.

Obviously, it's different strokes for different folks. So, there's really only one way to find out if Blaze Pizza's newest addition will be a hit with the brand's fans. But customers in the participating markets will have to act quickly because this new Ranch drizzle will only be available at a limited number of locations from January 5 through January 16, 2022, according to QSR.