Twitter Is Losing It Over This 'Jamon Barbie'

Barbie has had some iconic looks over the years, from styling like the Sydney Opera House to posing in "avant-garde" designer gear (via It's Rosy). This year, however, the Barbie look that has everyone talking is all about food. Laura Martínez asked in a Twitter post, "Who needs a regular Barbie when you can have a jamón Barbie?" The image accompanying the caption is of a blond Barbie dressed in meat slices called jamón, which is Spanish-style cured ham, according to The Spruce Eats. The meat is creatively draped to resemble a ball gown as the doll raises her arms like a princess, and the jokes almost write themselves.

Said Richard Fausset, "Maybe Jamón Barbie is sick of being treated like a piece of meat" (via Twitter). Kareem Tabsch had a slightly different take, writing "I'm more of the Ken persuasion but for jamón I'd make an exception" (via Twitter). The original poster, Martinez, replied, "I'd do anything for jamón, Kareem12" to which Tabsch followed up, "Same gurl[sic], same." Other readers couldn't help but find the pop culture connections in this food fashion.

'Jamon Barbie, let's go party'

Some of you may still be able to sing Aqua's '90s pop hit "Barbie Girl" from memory. One of its more famous lines is "Come on, Barbie, let's go part" (via Genius). Prof.Partout, tweet-singing, "Jamón Barbie, let's go party ah ah ah yeah | Jamón Barbie, let's go party ooh oh ooh oh." (via Twitter). If that earworm isn't for you, another music-themed throwback referred to Barbie in the context of Lady Gaga's famed "Meat Dress" made from raw flank steak, which she wore at the 2010 VMAs (via Dazed Digital). Jack Herrera tweeted a side-by-side pic of the two outfits and asked about "who wore it best." As of this writing, voters have backed Jamón Barbie.

A few fans commented on the kind of jamón used, noting that it's not Iberico ham but still an impressive display. We're going to guess that the poster didn't use expensive Spanish ham to decorate a doll. The ham used might be closer to the more common, yet still delicious Jamón serrano (via Spanish Sabores). Serrano hams are essentially sourced from your standard variety pig before curing, unlike their far fancier Iberian cousins that are fed specialized diets and treated as high-end commodities. No matter what "brand" she's wearing, however, Jamón Barbie looks like she is going to be an absolute hit this season.