The Roundmeal Meme, Explained

We've all seen our fair share of disturbing foods. Ketchup on pasta. Carrots dipped in Nutella. Chili cheese Fritos drowned in a bowl of Sprite. Tuna and peanut butter sandwiches. Birthday cakes made of mayo and ham. (Thanks, Buzzfeed, for this traumatizing list. Really.)

When we see these photos pop up, it can be challenging to determine whether they're a joke or a gross reality. For example, who really had the idea to make tacos containing canned spaghetti (via Reddit)? Are people actually eating these Chef Boyardee tacos, or did someone just think it would be funny? We seriously hope it was just for a laugh because these gross food hacks are something else.

As if lasagna tacos weren't already disturbing enough, the internet has since offered us the Roundmeal. This monstrosity can best be described as a ball of macaroni noodles and beef, neatly encased in plastic wrap for your cooking convenience. As you might imagine, people have had a lot to say about it. 

Roundmeal is supposed to "serve three men" - but it's not real

Regardless of where Roundmeal began, it gained traction on various Reddit threads several months ago. Naturally, people were bewildered. According to the packaging, the Roundmeal "serves three men." It's only 140 calories per serving, but it's "protein-blasted." Best of all, you cook it just by tossing the entire thing in boiling water — literally peel back the plastic for an instant bowl!

In all seriousness, though, the Roundmeal is not a real thing — thank goodness. Hi Tech Glitz says this disturbing food product was created by artist Alan Wagner who joked on Twitter that the Roundmeal was the food of the new generation. However, Gen Z is probably a little too busy with their air fryers and TikTok recipes for the Roundmeal.

Perhaps the best thing about it not being real, though, is the relief from knowing Davis, whose face appears on the packaging, will not be paying us a visit. For real, though, who is Davis? We may never know.