Aldi Fans Are Psyched For These Mini Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwiches

Aldi is a pretty popular supermarket, it's safe to say. Even if you haven't personally shopped at Aldi, chances are you know some people who do. But what's all the hype for? According to Southern Living, Aldi gets some of its fame for its low prices, specialty items, wide variety of organic items, and the chain's support of private labels.

These are all attractive reasons to shop at a supermarket, but they still don't quite explain the cult-like following that Aldi seems to draw. The chain has so many specialty items that people go absolutely bananas over, from frozen chicken filets to cocktail mixes. You're probably thinking: Don't most stores have an item or two they're known for? Yes, but the Aldi phenomenon is on a totally different level, and if the social media chatter is any indication, the store's seasonal mini peppermint ice cream sandwiches are about to gain "favorite" status.

Aldi fans say these ice cream sandwiches are delicious

Earlier this year, Aldi shoppers were buying the chain's mini mint ice cream sandwiches by the cart-full, but they're not tired of tiny ice cream treats just yet: The store's slightly different and thoroughly more festive peppermint mini ice cream sandwiches are also proving to be a hit. Instagram fan account @aldiforpresident posted a photo of the seasonal treats and called them a "must try." Another Instagram account, @aldifavoritefinds, posted a similar photo. Followers of these profiles couldn't stop gushing over the new dessert. One person commented, "I just picked some up today, I highly recommend." Another said, "I purchased these two weeks ago and they are really delicious!"

If you're able to find these at your local Aldi, they should cost you just under $4 for a box of 12. Another thing to keep in mind is that they may not taste exactly the way you might expect. Someone commented on @aldifavoritefinds' post that "the cookies tasted very dark chocolate ... expected them to taste more like Oreos."