Aldi Shoppers Are Loving These Minty Ice Cream Sandwiches

When all of social media gathers around in support of a dessert, you know you have a good thing on your hands. Aldi has truly struck gold with its latest sweet offering, Mint Minis Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. Instagrammer @aldifavoritefinds stumbled upon the frozen dessert and posted a picture of a box of the treats alongside the caption: "These Mint Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches are AMAZING! If you love mint, do yourself a favor [and] grab these. There are so many awesome summer frozen treats at Aldi right now." Their followers agreed, with comments like "The mint minis are sooooo good!!!" and "I would eat the entire box!" lining the comment section.

Instagrammer @aldi.mademedoit backed up these claims with their own post, featuring a picture of the dessert and the caption: "Run and buy it now. The regular ones are our absolute favorite and these are a whole new level of heaven." Their post's comments section featured just as much excitement, containing gems like, "Yessssss I buy the regulars 2-3 boxes at a time because I go through them so much!!" and "I bought a box today here in central Minnesota. My husband said they are delicious!"

An Aldi dessert that has won over shoppers

If those accounts couldn't get you ready to get in the car and pick up a box of Aldi's mint ice cream sandwiches, @theamazingaldi's latest post could push you over the edge. They too posted a picture of the treat alongside the caption, "Mint minis! Happy weekend everyone." While their caption featured less excitement than the other Instagram accounts, their comment section contained the same joy, featuring replies that ranged from, "I just picked these up today! Can't wait to try them," all the way to "They are my fav! Sooo yummy, i may or may not have eaten a whole sleeve."

If these glowing reviews of the new Aldi dessert can't get you ready to load up a cart with the ice cream sandwiches, nothing can. Each box contains a count of 12 mini ice cream cookie sandwiches, made with creamy whole milk. Some stores are carrying them for just $3.99, so get moving to Aldi.