Is This What Happens When You Order A McDonald's Drink Without Whipped Cream?

"Would you like whipped cream on that?" It's a question many servers ask their customers when they order a drink, whether it be a Frappuccino or a hot chocolate. Though, there are many folks out there that don't believe a whipped topping belongs on any beverage. In fact, Food Beast lists adding whipped cream to a milkshake as "one of six ways" to ruin it. Not to mention, that iced macchiato, strawberry and banana smoothie, or hot peppermint mocha probably has enough sugar in it without a creamy sweet addition on top. 

And then there's the "how to eat it" issue. Do you mix it in or inhale it first, and then begin to slurp your way through the rest of the cup? "Either way, you end up eating far too much whipped cream at one end of your milkshake or not really getting to enjoy any whipped cream at all," says Food Beast. Who needs that kind of headache? Spoon University, however, thinks that whipped cream should be added to all coffee drinks. One of the reasons is that it's the perfect vehicle to deliver cocoa powder, cinnamon, or any other preferred spice to the top of your beverage. And really, they have a point.

McDonald's also wants you to have whipped cream on your drinks, from Frappés to McCafé mochas. Here's what happens to your beverage when you ask for them not to add it.

McDonald's shakes your drink up when you ask for no whipped cream

Some people ask for no ice in a Coke so the cubes don't take up too much room in the cup and there's more of the soft drink to enjoy, and there's also many customers that ask for their drinks without whipped cream for the same reason (via Daily Dot). There's even a thread on Reddit started by a barista who complained that they were gypped when they received too much topping on a drink they ordered. As they said, "To me, that's frustrating because I literally coulda ordered a grande with no whip and had the same amount of drink."

So, does ordering your beverage without whipped cream actually gain you anything? Not according to a McDonald's employee who posted a TikTok video explaining what she was told to do by her manager if a customer asks for no whip — and her explanation may surprise you. As she noted, she was told to "shake the cup so it looks full when a customer asks for no whip cream." She then demonstrated the technique, and the result is a drink that looks frothy and foamy ... and very space filling. 

It's clearly not a secret anymore, though. This TikTok video has garnered more than 45,000 likes as of publication, so the word is out on McDonald's hack.