15 Whipped Cream Brands, Ranked From Worst To Best

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Whether you include a generous dollop of it on your vanilla latte or use it to fervently garnish your favorite pudding, whipped cream is a favorite amongst those with a sweet tooth. Believe it or not, this delicate topping first graced it's pillowy presence back in the 16th century. It was referenced as "milk snow" back in the day for obvious reasons. If we're talking about bare bone basics, whipped cream translates to heavy cream beaten until it's light as a feather. For a subtle touch of sweetness and added layer of depth, usually sugar and vanilla are added. However, if it's stored in a can (like it's presented at most stores), it's usually packaged with the propellant nitrous oxide so it's instantly whipped on the spot, emulating the texture of homemade whipped cream.

With so many whipped cream brands available on grocery store shelves, you might lose sight of what's actually considered "quality." That's why we ranked the most popular whipped cream brands so you can make the sweetest, most informed decision before assembling your next mug of rich hot cocoa.

15. Classic Cream

With its elegant black can and "classic" branding, this whipped cream is hard to miss and widely available in most grocery stores. According to Classic Cream, this whipped rendition suits just about every baked good from pumpkin pies and  brownies to freshly prepared crepes. This special whipped formula is intended to be light, airy, rich, and creamy — all of the attributes you look for when consuming a decadent dessert topping. But we're not fans of the multiple artificial ingredients you'll find in Classic Cream, like diglycerides, carrageenan, and dextrose (simple sugar derived from corn). Yuck.

Classic also carries a holiday seasonal favorite, Peppermint Whipped Light Cream Topping, available at most Target stores, but the tepid reviews suggest it tastes nothing like peppermint — it's just an atrocious Pepto Bismol pink color with an odd texture. So for a few justified reasons, this one ranks lowest on our list and should be avoided.

14. First Street

If you're a Smart & Final shopper, you've probably heard of First Street. Established in 1871, the brand offers products across multiple food categories. (You surely won't miss the bold diamond shaped design of its logo.) As far as First Street's whipped topping offerings, you can choose from either the original, extra cream, or non-dairy. The original and extra cream contain real cream and minimal sugar, with only 15 calories per serving. The non-dairy option contains sodium caseinate — a compound derived from casein, a protein present in the milk of mammals.

According to Fooducate, First Street Whipped Cream scores a dismal D+ when it comes to its nutritional attributes (or lack therof). Even though all three options contain less sugar than most, they're all highly processed and contain artificial flavoring. If you ask us, First Street is a bit lackluster when it comes to the realm of whipped possibilities.

13. Market Pantry

If you're a frequent Target shopper, you're probably very familiar with Market Pantry, the retailer's reasonably priced in-house brand with products in just about every category. That includes the Market Pantry Light Whipped Cream Topping, which is priced at $3.39. It contains the anticipated ingredients for a "store bought" dairy topping — cream, water, sugar, and corn syrup — but the consistency is noticeably light, hence the title. 

Per the reviews on the Target website, plenty of customers can't seem to get enough of it. "This taste[s] exactly the same as the name brand canned whipped cream just at a lower price," writes a satisfied customer. "It has a nice light, creamy texture and it isn't overly sweet." This one makes an exceptional topping on an ordinary berry bowl too. "I like to add it on top on my strawberries and blueberries. It's also yummy with my coffee. Not too sweet but sweet enough. Would definitely buy it again and recommend it to you," notes an Influenster reviewer.

Given its affordable price point and light body, we're pretty sure this whipped cream won't disappoint, but there are still other options that are superior in the taste category. 

12. Lucerne

Lucerne is another private label brand owned by Albertsons Companies. According to the site, it's actually the oldest brand on their established roster, with a history that extends back over 115 years. With 20 different product categories covering everything from cheese to milk and other dairy products, it's no surprise that Lucerne produces its own whipped topping, and it's a fan favorite. There are a few different flavor options to choose from, but Lucerne Whipped Topping Extra Creamy is the winner when it comes to taste — plus the ingredient list is relatively wholesome too, containing heavy cream, sugar, and nonfat milk. It's also made with milk from cows not treated with rbST (a type of peptide hormone produced by cows' pituitary glands).

Sidebar — If you're opting for Lucerne's Extra Creamy, we highly recommend using this one as a hot cocoa topper. The whipped topping in tandem with fluffy mini marshmallows makes it a winning combination.

11. Kroger

With a reliable household name like Kroger, you know you're bound to consume quality, and the brand's Original Dairy Whipped Topping is no exception. However, if you're in the mood for something a bit more dense, you can opt for the Extra Creamy option, which is in the blue and white packaging. Both of these varieties are perfectly sweet, light, and fluffy, making them a fantastic addition to delicate tarts, decadent ice cream sundaes, or even cocktails. According to The Butcher's Wife, Kroger's Extra Creamy pairs exceptionally well with family friendly frozen piña coladas, adding a supreme touch of sweetness and "fancy swirl" — visually, a dream come true.

Kroger's dairy whipped topping is ultra-pasteurized, Grade-A, and lightly sweetened, containing minimal ingredients like real cream, water, and sugar. Like several other store varieties, both the Original and Extra Creamy options contains 15 calories, 1 gram of sugar, and 1 gram of fat per serving.

10. Dutch Farms

If you're looking for a taste of "homemade," Dutch Farms can surely do the job. This boutique food and beverage brand is a fourth generation, family-owned company based in Chicago which boasts of "strong as steel" Dutch roots, hence the name. In fact, their specialty is creating top-notch dairy products that are easily distinguishable when it comes to flavor. That's definitely the case for the brand's whipped topping which is a cut above many of its competitors. Dutch Farms Whipped Topping (available in original and extra creamy) is made with real sweet cream that perfectly suits any homemade pumpkin pie, piping hot cup of hot chocolate, delectable holiday dessert, and more. Like several other store brands, you can choose from Original or Extra Creamy.

Unlike other options on the market, Dutch Farms adds both cream and skim milk in their whipped toppings, making the consistency light, and almost feathery. From a nutritional standpoint, each serving contains 15 calories. Our only wish is that there was more variety.  

9. Trader Joe's

If you're specifically on the hunt for a non-dairy whipped topping, a stop at Trader Joe's is in order. Since the supermarket chain is always on trend and anything coconut is extremely popular right now, it makes sense that they sell a coconut whipped topping. Made with real coconut cream, it pairs perfectly with your morning coffee, vegan hot cocoa, or any non-dairy dessert. The texture is light and fluffy too with a subtle hint of sweet coconut, so if you're in the mood for something not unbelievably heavy and dairy-free, you should run to add this one in your cart now.

We're also pleased to announce that this contains only 10 calories per serving, 0.5 grams of total fat, 2 grams carbs, and 1 gram of sugar per serving, which puts this whipped topping in a league of its own. "It's unbelievably delicious: super creamy and coco-nutty with just the right amount of sweetness," writes Hungry Girl. "Whether or not you avoid dairy, this dessert topping is a MUST-TRY!"

8. 365 by Whole Foods Market

In pursuit of whipped cream that's kosher, low sodium, vegetarian, keto-friendly, and actually quite tasty? Well, look no further — 365 by Whole Foods Market has you covered with a very light whipped topping that contains real cream. The ingredients list also consists of organic skim milk, organic cane sugar, and organic vanilla extract, putting this one on a slight pedestal in comparison to the rest.

With over 5,700 reviews and a 4.4 rating on Amazon, this whipped topping has plenty of fans. Among the reasons it's so popular is that the can is easy to maneuver and the topping is creamy without being too thick. "I'll choose this over any whipped cream," writes a happy Amazon reviewer. "It has perfect consistency and literally tastes like cake." 

Now, if you're really hoping to get fancy, check out the Limited Edition Peppermint Whipped Topping that immediately converts any latte or ice cream cup into a festive treat.

7. Cool Whip

There's a sort of heart-warming nostalgia when we think of the blue Cool Whip container — it's a product that's discernibly airy and fluffy with cloud-like attributes. With so many Cool Whip varieties to choose from, it's easy to find an optimal whipped topping for any birthday party cake or Jell-O dessert. Aside from the original flavor, there are options such as sugar-free, light, extra creamy, fat-free, and even frozen, which is ideal for hot chocolate. Cool Whip even provides customers with over 1,000 tried and true recipes to fulfill any dessert dreams, including frozen cheesecake bars, ice cream sandwiches, and "easy" peanut butter-chocolate chip pie.

Over on Amazon, Cool Whip Original boasts an incredible 4.8 rating and customers continue to rave about the creamy taste and texture. "What can I say, it's the original, and nothing else comes close to it! It's delicious, has a great consistency, and goes well in many, many desserts," writes a Verified Amazon Buyer.

6. Reddi-Wip

Whether your palate prefers dairy or non-dairy whipped topping, Reddi-Wip knows how to keep it real, always. Instead of filling their products with hydrogenated oil and artificial sweeteners, they prioritize actual cream and make a conscious effort to lead with this ingredient. As far as their product roster, you can choose from original, extra creamy, fat free, or sugar free whipped cream. According to a Verified Amazon Buyer, Reddi-Wip Extra Creamy is a "nice heavy whipped cream with great taste. The only thing better is making my own in my nitro canister, but this is no-hassle, no mess, and there when you want it."

If you're yearning for dairy-free options, you're covered with coconut or almond — but the wonderment doesn't end there. Reddi-Wip released a "Barista Series," for coffee aficionados to step up their java game. Nitro Coffee Creamer and a Sweet Foam Topper is sure to transform your coffee with its velvet-like, creamy texture.

When it comes to Reddi-Wip, it's key to keep your eyes peeled for new collaborations and limited edition whipped releases, like Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Whipped Topping, which is infused with the nostalgic hot cocoa flavoring. So, when it comes to variety and dependability, Reddi-Wip is tough to beat.

5. Natural by Nature

In 1994, this family-owned business started with a mission to procure 100% of grass-fed, organic milk from family-owned farmers, while advocating for sustainable farming techniques. At their truest core, quality means everything and this most definitely extends to their whipped toppings. Natural by Nature offers Classic and Brown Sugar flavors and both of the brand's real dairy whipped toppings garner plenty of buzz on Amazon, with reviewers noting that you can actually detect the real cow cream with just one taste. One Amazon reviewer, who couldn't be more pleased with the whipped cream, writes, "Great to top off your hot beverages, or on waffles, or really anything. Can be eaten alone too! Keeps the shape, creates pretty swirls, so nice for decorating pastries, cakes, etc."

Natural by Nature recently released an organic, non-dairy option for oat milk lovers that's completely plant-based, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Natural by Nature's oat milk is top-rated by Cornucopia Institute (a premier group within the organic industry), and that quality extends to its oat whipped topping.  

4. Clover Sonoma

Since 1969, Clover Sonoma has produced top of the line dairy products that are USDA organic and made locally in Sonoma County, California. You probably even recognize the welcoming Clo the Cow on the label, and, according to the brand, she represents quality, family, and integrity. 

Now, when it comes to whipped cream, Clover prides themselves on their non-GMO whipped topping, which pairs exceptionally well with any type of sweeter beverage or dessert. It's also completely organic and antibiotic free, which is a tremendous bonus if you ask us. Clover Sonoma provides two whipped options: Sweetened Whipped Light Cream and Brown Sugar & Vanilla; both are low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Clover Whipped Topping emulates the real fresh stuff and is truly gourmet. It's earned 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon too. You may be paying a bit more when compared to other brands, but you can definitely taste the quality. 

3. Land O'Lakes

If you're hoping to find high-quality dairy products that are never a let down, Land O'Lakes has mastered this since 1921 and continue to work with over 1,600 farmers to create a wide roster of dairy items, from sweet butter to milk and whipped cream. Land O'Lakes Aerosol Whipped Cream can be found in stores around the country and comes in three varieties: Light Cream, Extra Creamy, and Sugar-Free Extra Creamy. According to Cooks Illustrated, it's important to note that Land O'Lakes whipped cream doesn't include water, and the omission results in a firmer texture and richer flavor. 

Many whipped cream enthusiasts adore the sugar-free option in particular. "This is a wonderful alternative for diabetics, people doing low-carb, or like me someone who is doing keto," writes a reviewer on Influenster. "There is just a hint of sweetness, so that it is not overwhelming. My father-year-old loves it, and I use it in my coffee, on strawberries, and sugar-free Jell-O."

2. Cabot

When it comes to simple and delicious whipped cream, Cabot has that nailed. Their cans are highlighted by a very recognizable ingredient list that consists of real cream, water, nonfat milk, sugar, and natural vanilla flavor. The label boasts that it "tastes like homemade" and that is indeed the case. We suggest heeding the advice of the folks at Cabot and using their whipped cream to top off any mug of creamy hot chocolate.

"With this handy whipped cream, you can create some pseudo restaurant style desserts with just a push of a nozzle and fresh fruit," writes a reviewer on Amazon. "Best for topping off fruit dishes, but sure, we have chocoholics in our family too so this takes chocolate or Oreo pudding, ice cream, warm brownies, or a slice of simple chocolate sheet cake to a very nice next level. Top it off with a sprinkle of cocoa powder and you've got a finished plate that could quite honestly be something you ordered from a fine cuisine establishment." 

1. Isigny Ste Mère

Isigny Ste Mère makes a stand-out whipped cream that ranks a notch above the rest for several reasons. The cream used in the aerosol whipped topping comes straight from France, specifically Bessin and Cotentin in Normandy. The fluffy Chantilly Crème is whipped to perfection and gently infused with natural Bourbon vanilla extract from Madagascar — it's practically made from scratch and enhances all desserts across the spectrum, from Belgian waffles to homemade ice cream sundaes.

Indulging in this whipped cream is practically pure bliss, which is why out of 366 global ratings on Amazon, 79% of reviewers give it 5 stars.  One of those reviewers writes, "Tastes every bit as good as homemade, and uses only high quality, wholesome ingredients. I was especially pleased that it was much less sweet than ordinary aerosol whipped cream." Needless to say, if you want to impress your guests with a delicate whipped topping that is a true sensation, Isigny Ste Mère is it.