Josh Gad Has 'Mixed Feelings' About This Frozen Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot cocoa bombs were all the rage on social media around this time last year and are trending once again. According to the Kitchn, hot cocoa bombs can be just about any shape and are generally made out of hollowed chocolate that is filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix. These sweet confections are placed into hot milk, and as they melt, all of the cocoa and marshmallows scatter out into the milk to create decadent hot cocoa. These bombs are definitely cooler than adding the traditional cocoa powder to boiling water, and they are fun to watch unravel. 

Producer Josh Gad has jumped on the bandwagon of using these trending bombs to make the beloved hot beverage. The infamous voice of "Olaf" from the Disney movie, "Frozen," shares some mixed feelings about one particular hot cocoa bomb. Gad took to his social media accounts to share a video of himself and his family watching a hot cocoa bomb melt into milk — and his reaction is priceless.

The hot cocoa bomb that melted hearts

Gad captioned the video with over 534,000 views on Instagram, "Not gonna lie: mixed feelings about this hot chocolate bomb." The video has already generated 1773 comments and the same post received another 190,000 views on Twitter, with more than 500 retweets.

The video focuses on an Olaf cocoa bomb melting like a snowman into a pot of milk as Gad and his family watch. Gad quips, "This is very depressing." At the end of the almost minute-long video, Gad humorously asks, "We couldn't have done this with a Moana character instead?" While it's kind of sad to watch little chocolate Olaf melt into the milk, the family commentary is quite comical. 

Olaf fans were quick to chime in with Instagram comments including, "Some people are worth melting for, Josh" and "But put me in hot chocolate and I'll be a ... happy snowman! Another user quoted lyrics from a "Frozen" song, "And I'll finally do what frozen things do in summerrrrr," while another harkened back to "Tangled" and asked, "The most important question is, does it smolder?" 

Tweeters got in on the action too, with one user posting a "Woo Child" Lizzo gif, and another, less concerned over the Olaf hot chocolate than about kitchen etiquette, writing, "The most disturbing thing, by far, was the metal whisk near the nonstick sauce pan." Whoops.