This Disgusting Fast Food Fryer Has TikTok Refusing To Eat Out Again

There's something oddly tantalizing about fried food. Sure, you know that the batter-dipped, flash-fried hunk of fish or chicken isn't exactly screaming "superfood," but you'd be wrong in saying that it doesn't taste pretty darn good. It seems that mankind's inherent obsession with frying anything we can get our hands on has been flowing through bloodlines for centuries, from the ancient Egyptians and Romans frying foods in animal fats (via Gambero Rosso) to state fair food trucks offering up deep-fried Oreos and peanut butter cups to gnaw on in between getting whipped around on a Tilt-A-Whirl (via Thrillist). It may be unhealthy, but it's a cultural tradition.

Aside from the obvious health risks that come with consuming enormous amounts of fried food, there are also other risks one takes if they are not careful or skilled in the art of frying. The National Fire Protection Association warns that fires caused by careless deep-frying procedures led to 5 deaths, 60 injuries, and the destruction of 900 homes (via Fox News). It's also important to routinely change the oil in your deep fryer, or else you run the risk of contamination if you accidentally reuse that oil again. Although you may see yourself as someone with common sense who follows each rule of deep-frying hygiene and safety, there are certain companies out there that seem to be slacking on following those same rules. According to TikTok user @fryer.friend, you may think twice about ordering fries the next time you go out to eat. 

Users were disgusted by the contents of the fryer

"Good morning ya'll, we're gonna be changing the oil this morning," said @fryer.friend in her video, standing in front of the industrial deep-fryer of her workplace. In her hand, she held a long flat-bottomed tool — a weird tool, she called it — apparently used for testing the oils in deep-fryers. She then dunked it into two fryers filled with what seemed to be cold, stale oil. Throughout the video, @fryer.friend directed users on how to properly drain and clean out the fryer, from removing the basket to scraping out layers of thick, black clumps of grime and detritus that fill the bottom of the fryer. Commentators were, needless to say, revolted by the amount of gunk scooped out of the machine.

"welp im not gonna get fast food anymore," was the blunt response of one commentator. 'That fryer needs some maintenance not just cleaning” said another user, agreeing with others that the oil change was "lazy" and that she didn't even clean the fryer with soap or water, as well as leaving the basket on top of an open-waste basket. Other users were more sympathetic, noting that these types of fryers would require enormous amounts of manpower and time to properly clean, which companies wouldn't do anyway.

This isn't the first time fryers in fast food have been under fire. In 2019, a viral video of a rat tossing itself into a Whataburger fryer raised health concerns across the country (via The New York Post).