TikTok Can't Agree If This 'Free' Sonic DoorDash Hack Works

Ever wonder what happens to restaurant to-go or delivery orders that get canceled or aren't picked up? According to The Daily Meal, depending on how long the food has been sitting out, it will probably either be eaten by staff or disposed of. Some Reddit users posting on a thread about taking orders that have been on the Chipotle to-go shelf for hours claimed that the food is up for grabs, especially near closing time. 

Furthermore, Redditors said, simply asking the closing staff can often get you free food that would otherwise be thrown away. "Just be nice to the night crew. You would be surprised what stuff you can get for free if you don't treat us like cattle," one user wrote. If a recent TikTok by user @bmtx00 is to be believed, there's an answer to the mystery of what happens to orders that aren't picked up, specifically DoorDash orders that are canceled at Sonic. The TikToker's video allegedly depicts diners cashing in on unclaimed orders at the end of the night.

Is there a secret way to get free food from Sonic?

The TikTok features customers in the drive-thru loading paper bags labeled with customers' names into their car with the caption: "This is your sign to go to sonic at closing and ask for all the free door dash canceled orders." So, all you have to do is pull up to a Sonic at closing for free food? If you think this sounds too good to be true, you're not alone. 

Skeptical TikTokers blew up the comments on the video, and some Sonic workers said the assertion that they give out free, unclaimed food simply isn't accurate. "At the sonic I used to work at we would SLAM the canceled orders in the trash especially if it was busy and they had the audacity to cancel," wrote one user. Others were down to put this to the test, such as another user who commented, "better [than] throwing them out. i will have to check this out." But some claimed this procedure is legitimate, such as a third TikToker claiming to be a former manager, who wrote, "yes this is true."

The one surefire way to get some Sonic that will be hot and fresh? Order it yourself – and pay for it.