Trader Joe's Fans Are Freaking Out Over Its New Cacio E Pepe Snack

Cacio e pepe is an astonishingly simple pasta dish, whose name translates to "cheese and pepper." Those are, in fact, two of the four ingredients in one particular recipe for a wonderfully rustic version, with the other two being pasta and butter. As it might sound, cacio e pepe is seen by some as an Italian version of good ole mac and cheese. And like mac and cheese, cacio e pepe has had quite a run of popularity in recent years – to the point where this dish has spawned myriad products inspired by the Italian-style cheesy pasta treat. That includes a pizza topping, a variety of crackers, and even a flavor of ice cream (via Tasting Table). 

Since that covers a variety of tastes, you might think that would be enough. But try telling that to all the Trader Joe's fans out there who are freaking out over a new cacio e pepe-inspired Booty-esque snack with which Trader Joe's recently stocked its shelves. We're talking about Trader Joe's organic cacio e pepe puffs, which Trader Joe's superfan Instagram account, Trader Joe's List, posted about earlier today along with the confession, "I'm tempted to break my quarantine to go get these" and the requisite winky face (via Instagram). But just wait til you see how other fans responded. 

'We need this,' according to a Trader Joe's fan

Earlier today, Instagrammer Trader Joe's List posted the news that Trader Joe's has just started stocking what appears to be a brand new cacio e pepe-inspired snack, Trader Joe's Organic Cacio E Pepe Puffs (via Instagram). As a result, Trader Joe's fans are basically freaking out. And by "freaking out," we mean that a vast number of Trader Joe's Lists followers (of which there are 1.7 million) appear to have been rendered speechless by the news – well, unless, of course, you count smiley-faced emojis, heart emojis, smiley-faced emojis with hearts for eyes emojis, and the various other internet symbols of adoration, as speech.

Or unless you count the tagging of friends (who, presumably, will likewise freak out upon learning of this tempting snack-take on cacio e pepe) as speech. Because if you count either of those, then the fans actually had LOT to say. Of course, some people actually did use words to express their feelings, such as "drop what you're doing and get to tjs," "I will ABSOLUTELY buy 1st chance I get," and the emphatic-sounding "we need this."