Here's How Reddit Feels About Tipping Subway Sandwich Artists

Here's a question for you: Have you ever went into a McDonald's or a Burger King, ate your meal, and then walked back behind the counter to give a few dollars to the cashier and the fry cooks? While the employees certainly wouldn't be mad about receiving a generous tip, the common act of giving gratuity to a restaurant employee isn't as prevalent in the world of fast food. There may be a little glass jar that says "tips appreciated," but most of the time, you're not really tipping the cashier for just taking your order. Why do we tip the pizza delivery boy or our waitress, yet never think twice about tipping those behind the cash register or the grill station?

Tipping is usually reserved for those in the service industry who make below minimum wage, while those in the fast food industry are paid minimum wage or more (via Quora). According to Ranker, the act of tipping your local fast-food worker is not as uncommon as you may think. While some people may provide a small tip to their cashier, some locations such as McDonald's and Taco Bell forbid it due to company policy. At Subway, however, it seems to be customary to tip the "sandwich artists" behind the counter, at least according to Reddit. 

While this may sound like a good thing all things considered, it seems Reddit users disagree on whether you should tip those sandwich makers a little extra dough at all.

Redditors think there are only certain times to tip.

"Is tipping expected at Subway?" This was the question asked on r/Subway, in which a user was concerned that they were coming off as rude by not tipping employees. While the general consensus was that it was a nice thought to consider the employees, many commentators explained that should you decide to tip, there are a select few times in which it's okay to put a few dollars in the tip jar.

Redditor BatmanStarkDentistry explained that, although tipping was not necessarily expected, a tip would be appropriate if the employees had performed an enormous amount of work, such as preparing a large amount of sandwiches only a few minutes before closing. Another user followed this sentiment, stating: "If you're getting just a sandwich and you don't tip it doesn't offend me, it doesn't take a whole lot of skill to make a sandwich lol but if you're getting like 5 and make it really complicated at least a little tip would be fine." Other users claimed that Subway employees are not allowed to take tips or that tipping is only for service, not just getting food.

Tipping has long been the source of debate in the service industry, true, but it's always good to show dignity and respect to those who work behind the counter or making your food. After all, there are many ways a good customer can show those workers they're appreciated, even during the lunch rush.